Compare the best Euro exchange rates from the biggest currency suppliers in the UK

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Comparing Euros from 17 suppliers with exchange rates ranging from 1.1900 to 1.2492.

Best Euro Exchange Rates

If you're travelling to Europe soon you'll want to get the best deal on your Euros. Our free comparison service compares the Euro rates from the biggest currency suppliers in the UK so you can see at a glance who is offering the best deals.

We found 17 suppliers offering Euros in the UK. Compare them all using our free comparison service and let us show you who could save you the most money.

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Currency Graph Is now a good time to buy your Euros?

Every day we record the top exchange rates and plot them against previous days in our historical graphs so you can see how well today's rate compares.

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Got some left-over currency from a recent trip abroad? Don't take it to the bank! Get a better rate when exchanging back into Pounds. See our live currency buy back rates here.

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Travel Alerts

The FCO issue regularly updated travel alerts to try and keep travelers safe. We monitor all alerts for entire Eurozone and update this page as soon as the advice changes.

  • There are no travel alerts for any of the Eurozone countries.

Euro Currency Guide

The Euro is the standard unit of currency used in the European economic and monetary union colloquially referred to as the Eurozone. It is the second most traded currency in the world after the US Dollar; and is used by more than 330 million people on a daily basis. With over €800bn in circulation, the Euro has the highest combined value of banknotes and coins in the world, the second largest currency reserves in the world, and supports over 10 additional smaller currencies that are pegged to it by means of a fixed exchange rate.

In July 2013 Croatia became the 28th member of the European Union but they have not joined the Euro. If you are planning on visiting Croatia you will need to buy Croatian Kunas.

Euros are issued and managed by the European Central Bank based in Frankfurt, and a collection of Eurozone central banks known as the Eurosystem. Although most EU member states are obliged to adopt the Euro as their national currency, there are some notable exceptions. These include the United Kingdom and Denmark who negotiated exemptions and Sweden who opposed the Euro and deliberately failed to meet the monetary requirements needed to adopt it.

…exchange rates can be very competitive…

Euros are stocked by every bureau de change and currency house in the UK. This means competition is strong and exchange rates can be very competitive, so it is wise to compare rates online before you buy. Because competition is so high the profit margins can be very slim and this means that some supliers are only available over certain limits, £700 for example. Other currencies are not always held in stock so you would have to order them in. Our statistics show that the average order value for Euros is around £1016 (€1,098 as of 18th November 2013 and based on the data from 1st of August to 31st of October, 2013), but the most common amount taken on holiday by Brits is nearer £500 (€586).

The FCO no longer have a dedicated traveller information page (Know Before You Go External link opens in a new window) for tourists visiting Europe so you will need to check the specific page for the country you are going to visit.

What do Euro bank notes look like?

Photo ©  Andrew Netzler (creative commons)

Euro Official and Unofficial Users

The Euro is the official currency of the Eurozone and additional territories. These are Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Monaco, San Marino, Vatican City, Akrotiri and Dhekelia , Clipperton Island, French Southern and Antarctic Lands, Saint Pierre and Miquelon.

Unofficially the Euro is also accepted in Andorra, Kosovo, Montenegro, Zimbabwe and Mauritius.

Last updated 18/11/2013

18/11 Editorial Change: Updated the average order value.
19/08 Editorial Change: Added Currency Images
22/07 Editorial Change: Updated the FCO link to the new site.
09/07 Editorial Change: Updated the average order value.
02/07 Editorial Change: Croatia joining the EU.


FCO. (2013). Know Before You Go – staying safe and healthy abroad. Available: Last accessed 23rd September 2013.

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Currency Supplier

We found 17 currency suppliers in the UK offering Euros.

EUR Rate

This is the exchange rate that each supplier is currently offering if you order online now.

£750 Buys

This is the amount of currency you will receive if you spend £750, and includes any applicable delivery costs.

To compare exchange rates without including delivery costs, untick the 'Include Delivery Costs?' checkbox at the top of the page.


Indicates whether or not you can collect your currency in person from the supplier.

A special case applies to the Post Office. You can order your currency online from the Post Office at their advertised rate and have it delivered to your local branch for collection, but if you walk in "off the street" to your local branch you will usually get a lower rate than if you ordered online.

Delivery Cost

The delivery costs associated with ordering from each supplier.

These costs have been automatically accounted for under the '£750 Buys' column, with the amount of currency you would receive being adjusted accordingly.

To compare exchange rates without including delivery costs, untick the 'Include Delivery Costs?' checkbox at the top of the page.

User Rating

See how other visitors have rated each supplier by reading reviews posted by previous customers.

You can also leave your own reviews to help inform other people of your experiences, good or bad.

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Follow the link to the currency supplier's website to place your order online and secure this rate now.