Compare the best Hong Kong Dollar exchange rates from the biggest currency suppliers in the UK

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Comparing Hong Kong Dollars from 15 suppliers with exchange rates ranging from 11.4550 to 11.8818.

Best Hong Kong Dollar Exchange Rates

If you're travelling to Hong Kong for work or pleasure, make sure you get the best Hong Kong Dollar exchange rate by comparing suppliers at Compare Holiday Money. We track the Hong Kong Dollar rate from the UK's biggest currency providers every 8 minutes so you can see in an instant who could save you the most money.

We found 15 suppliers offering Hong Kong Dollars in the UK. Compare them all using our free comparison service and let us show you who could save you the most money.

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Every day we record the top exchange rates and plot them against previous days in our historical graphs so you can see how well today's rate compares.

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Hong Kong Dollars

Travel Alerts

The FCO issue regularly updated travel alerts to try and keep travelers safe. We monitor all alerts for Hong Kong and update this page as soon as the advice changes.

  • There are no current travel alerts for Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Dollar Currency Guide

In Hong Kong the amount of violent crime is very low, but pick pocketing and other street crime can occur. You should take extra care of your passport, credit cards and money in crowded areas and when checking in and out of hotels. There have also been some isolated incidents of robberies in Hong Kong’s country parks since 2005; these incidents have been reduced following a crime prevention operation by the Hong Kong Police.

Hong Kong is a very popular destination for British travellers and roughly over half a million British people visit Hong Kong every year. The Hong Kong Dollar is one of the most commonly traded currencies in the world, and as such it is available to buy at most bureau de change and banks at very competitive rates. The average order we see is for about £675 ($8,300 HKD based upon orders placed between, 1st August to 31st August 2013).

…expect to pay $50 HKD…

If you wait until you are in Hong Kong to change your money you should expect to pay $50 HKD in commission per transaction ($100 HKD at HSBC) so this should be avoided. Apart from that, Hong Kong is connected to every major financial network in the world so you can use credit, debit and prepaid currency cards with ease. There is no problem converting Hong Kong Dollars back into Sterling on your return, and should you visit mainland China; border areas will also take Hong Kong Dollars so you will not have to buy additional Yuan unless you intend to spend a lot of time there.

The Hong Kong Dollar is pegged to the US Dollar at a rate approximately equal to $7.8 HKD = $1 USD. For more information on visiting Hong Kong please see the FCO Know Before You Go pages.

What do Hong Kong dollar bank notes look like?

Hong Kong dollars

Hong Kong Dollar Official and Unofficial Users

The only official user is Hong Kong but it is also widely accepted in Macau.

Visas for Entry to Hong Kong

Hong Kong runs a similar law system to the UK and although Hong Kong is part of the People’s Republic of China it still manages its own immigration controls. When travelling to Hong Kong as a British Citizen you can stay for up to six months without a visa. If you plan on staying for more than six months to either study or work in the country you will need to apply for a visa.

Whilst in Hong Kong if you plan on visiting mainland China you will need to apply for visa in advance of travelling to China. If you travel to China and then to Hong Kong and back through China on your return you will need a multiple entry visa for visiting and passing through mainland China several times and you must carry a valid passport for the entirety of your stay in both countries.

Safety Tips for Hong Kong

The political situation in Hong Kong is very stable and the country has a good law system. Some demonstrations are conducted although are quite peaceful and orderly. You are advised to stay clear of any particular demonstrations and to be cautious of pick pocketing in the area.

Just like UK law spitting and littering in the street is an offence and you can issued with an on the spot fine and you are advised to not carry or get involved in illegal drugs as it could lead to imprisonment. The threat of terrorism in Hong Kong is very low although just like in many places around the world there is always a threat in tourist locations and you are advised to be vigilant.

Weather conditions in Hong Kong are usually stable although the Typhoon season runs from April to October which can on occasion cause local flooding and landslides. You are advised to watch the weather reports and to monitor alerts just in case warnings are issued in advance. In some cases public buildings will be closed during severe weather conditions.

When travelling to Hong Kong you need to be aware of the recent notification about the seriousness of the Influenza Pandemic and the advice for travellers when visiting Honk Kong and the Chinese mainland. Although the risk is very low you are advised to follow the information provided and you could be screened upon entry to the country.

You are advised to ensure that you have full travel insurance cover whilst visiting Hong Kong and to have back up funds for any treatment that is not covered in your travel insurance policy as medical treatment in Hong Kong is very expensive.

If, you need any further information about safety in Hong Kong partners with the FCO to promote the ‘Know Before You Go’ travel information campaign. Alternatively, to find out more about Hong Kong please visit the official tourism website

Last updated 20/11/2013
20/11 Editorial Change: Added exchnage rate information.
20/08 Editorial Change: Added currency images.
22/07 Editorial Change: Updated commission charges.
10/07 Editorial Change: Updated the FCO link to the new site.


FCO. (2013). Hong Kong travel advice – GOV.UK. Available: Last accessed 20th November 2013.

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We found 15 currency suppliers in the UK offering Hong Kong Dollars.

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Delivery Cost

The delivery costs associated with ordering from each supplier.

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