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Cornwall Chamber of Commerce TTG Travel Awards Finalist 2012 Foreign and Commonweath Office

Post Office Exchange Rates

The Post Office for the last seven years has been voted the Ďbest foreign exchange providerí at the British Travel Awards. If you are looking to buy currency from a well known high street brand then you canít go wrong with the Post Office as they offer many solutions for your online travel money requirements..

  • Compare & Buy 70 Currencies on-line or in-branch
  • Choose between Cash, Travellers Cheques or Top-up Currency Cards
  • Click & Collect for in-branch collection at your local Post Office
  • Free Next Delivery to your home if you order before 3pm on a working day
  • 0% Commission on All Orders

Click & Collect Post Office Travel Money

Just like most on-line retailers these days you can now click and collect your post office travel money. When buying on-line you can compare Post Office exchange rates to get the best deal. The more you buy the better deal you will get. The Post Office exchange rates improve when you buy more than £500, £1000, £1500 and £2000. You can buy from £400 to £2500 on-line and you will always get a better deal on-line compared to in-branch.

Free Next Day Delivery

When buying Post Office travel money you can place your order up to 5 days in advance for Free Next Day Delivery to your local Post Office for in-branch collection or to your home if you order before 3pm on a working day. Delivery is also available on Saturday's. We advise you to order in advance as much as you can to avoid any last minute delivery problems.

Current Post Office Exchange Rates (On-line Only!)

These are the latest Post Office exchange rates as of Sat 19th April:

Currency Rate £500 Buys Order Now
Euros 1.1770 588.50 EUR Click here »
US Dollars 1.6250 812.50 USD Click here »
Australian Dollars 1.7350 867.50 AUD Click here »
Japanese Yen 162.3652 81,182.60 JPY Click here »
Thai Baht 50.6552 25,327.60 THB Click here »
Canadian Dollars 1.7698 884.90 CAD Click here »
South African Rand 16.8290 8,414.50 ZAR Click here »
New Zealand Dollars 1.8790 939.50 NZD Click here »
Egyptian Pounds 10.6400 5,320.00 EGP Click here »
United Arab Emirate Dirhams 5.8772 2,938.60 AED Click here »
Mexican Pesos 20.5780 10,289.00 MXN Click here »
Swiss Francs 1.4240 712.00 CHF Click here »
Polish Zloty 4.7806 2,390.30 PLN Click here »
Hong Kong Dollars 12.2001 6,100.05 HKD Click here »
Bulgarian Lev 2.2269 1,113.45 BGN Click here »

Compare all 70 currencies »

Online Rates VS. In-store Rates

As it is for most on-line retailers selling products over the internet helps reduce operating costs and therefore this is no different for the Post Office. You will always find the Post Office exchange rates will be cheaper on-line and we have heard stories that some customers have managed to negotiate the same rate in-branch although this can be very difficult.

The only advantage with exchanging currency in-branch is that you can use cash to pay for your travel money and you still wonít be charged commission on your transaction. Our advice is that you compare and buy on-line to get the best deal as on-line rates are usually much cheaper across all travel money suppliers.

Compare All On-line Currencies & Suppliers

Despite the Post Office being the best foreign exchange provider for the last seven years they do not always offer the best exchange rate for all currencies on-line. If you have time to shop around please come and compare all the best exchange rates for over 80 currencies from the biggest suppliers in the UK.

Our currency comparison table updates every hour with the latest and best exchange rates allowing you to get the best deal on-line without having to shop around on the high street which can often cost you 10% more. We compare currency on-line, currency cards and now our new service currency buy back for any left-over travel money that you return with from your holiday or business trip.

Visit the Post Office Travel Money site »

Latest Post Office Reviews

The latest reviews of the Post Office as left by our users:

Mrs Scrubbit wrote on 10/04/14:

"You can get a good Euro exchange rate from the Post Office Online but step into your friendly local Post Office and you'll get one of the worst rates in the UK."

J Paris wrote on 19/03/14:

"It is true - they are ripping people off. My sister does not have internet and needed to change some pounds to euros to give a legacy from my mother to her children in The Netherlands. I looked up the rate online as 1.16 but she got 1.08 so the kids get 60 euros less. Unacceptable behaviour by the P.O. and I will never use them again."

julie bailey wrote on 15/03/14:

"Timperley post office in Altrincham is the best community post office I have ever been to. It is a lovely family who work hard and have great banter with all the custommers. Avoid the one on Sinderand Road in Broad heath West Timperley - there is a woman in her 50's wearing glasses who does nothing but moan all the time, even my daughter aged 15 commented on how ignorant she was. I am an ebay business and it makes such a difference when others make the job enjoyable, a visit to the post office can make or break my day depending on the reception I get when I delover parcels for posting. I travel an extra mile to use Timperley."

Read all Post Office Reviews »


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Turkish Flag TRY 3.4854 Mexican Flag MXN 21.2629
Canadian Flag CAD 1.8175 UAE Flag AED 6.0220
Australian Flag AUD 1.7695 Bulgarian Flag BGN 2.2985

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