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Each day we record the highest exchange rates for each of the currencies we compare and plot them together in a graph so you can make an informed decision about how good the current rates are compared to the rates for up to the past year.

Jordanian Dinars

Last Week - Down 0.09%

Over the past week the Jordanian Dinar has dropped by 0.09% from last Friday's rate of 1.1651 to today's current rate of 1.1640. During this period, the highest rate we recorded was 1.1651 on Sunday 20th, and the lowest was yesterday at 1.1636.

Historical exchange rates graph

Last Month - Up 0.33%

The Jordanian Dinar is currently higher than it was this time last month on 24th June, having risen from the recorded rate of 1.1602 to 1.1640. The best rate over the past 30 days was on 3rd July at 1.1706, and the worst rate was recorded on 25th June at 1.1570.

Historical exchanges rate graph

Last Year - Up 10.61%

The long-term Jordanian Dinar outlook has seen the exchanges rate increase from 1.0523 last year to today's rate of 1.1640, meaning 500 would buy you 56 Jordanian Dinars more today than it would have a year ago.

During this period, the Jordanian Dinar hit a high of 1.1706 on 3rd July 2014, after climbing from it's yearly low on 1st August 2013 of 1.0318.

Historical exchange rates graph

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