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Get the best deal on your US Dollars by comparing and buying online. Our quick and easy US Dollar comparison tool is the easiest to use in the UK. It automatically searches the UK's biggest currency suppliers to find you the cheapest deals. Compare US Dollars now and see how much you could save:




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Buy US Dollars Online

Looking for the best place to buy US Dollars online? You've come to the right place. Don't spend hours searching for the best exchange rates - our quick and easy comparison tool automatically tracks and compares the latest US Dollar rates from the biggest currency suppliers in the UK including the Post Office, HSBC and Moneycorp so you can see in an instant who is offering the best US Dollar deals.

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Don't buy your US Dollars at the airport - get the cheapest US Dollars by comparing suppliers using our free comparison service. You can buy your US Dollars online with 0% commission and get them delivered free to your door. You can even pick your currency up from your local Post Office branch if you order your US Dollars online through the Post Office website.

We updated our list of US Dollar exchange rates less than 10 minutes ago. Compare the biggest and most trusted currency suppliers in the UK and buy your US Dollars online to take advantage of the best savings. Don't just take our word for it - compare now and see how much you could save!

Cheapest US Dollars

The cheapest US Dollars can be found online through bureau de change and specialist currency providers. We are the specialist comparison service that brings together the currency suppliers. At Compare Holiday Money, we compare the biggest currency sellers in the UK to find you the cheapest US Dollar exchange rates. We are so confident that you won't find cheaper US Dollars anywhere else online that we challenge you find a better deal! Trust us to find you the best US Dollar exchange rates.

Post Office US Dollar Rate

The Post Office are unique among UK currency suppliers in that they have a large network of branches that you can buy your currency through - but did you know most local Post Office branches usually offer lower exchange rates if you walk in off the street than if you order online? The reduced overheads of buying your US Dollars online means the savings are passed directly on to you. Fortunately, you can order your US Dollars through the Post Office website and pick your order up at your local branch whilst still getting the better online rate.

The current Post Office US Dollar exchange rates are 1.5550. You can secure this rate now by ordering online at the Post Office website.

Top US Dollar Tips

Every week we are asked the same questions about saving money and avoiding getting ripped-off when buying and paying for goods in America, so we have put together our top 5 US Dollar tips to help you make the most of your holiday money:

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Is now a good time to buy your US Dollars?

At the end of each day when the currency markets close, we record the top exchange US Dollar rates and plot them against previous days in our historical graphs so you can see how well today's rate compares. See how the US Dollar rate has changed over the past week, month and year.

Currency Buy Back

Got some left-over currency from a recent trip abroad? Don't take it to the bank! Get a better rate when exchanging back into Pounds. See our live currency buy back rates here in partnership with London-based currency supplier Covent Garden FX.


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Euro Flag EUR 1.2525 Egyptian Flag EGP 10.8068
American Flag USD 1.5892 Thai Flag THB 50.0580
Turkish Flag TRY 3.4550 Mexican Flag MXN 21.0100
Canadian Flag CAD 1.7710 UAE Flag AED 5.7750
Australian Flag AUD 1.7975 Bulgarian Flag BGN 2.4015

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