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3rd June 2015

I took ill before my holiday and had to cancel. My claim was dealt with very promptly. Money was returned within 2 weeks pf returning paperwork.

  • First time using this insurer
  • Claim was processed with no problems
  • The insurance policy was good value for money
  • Would recommend this insurer to others

31st January 2015

My husband had a sudden heart attack some weeks before our cruise holiday. Avanti staff were very efficient , pleasant and easy to deal with, and our cancellation process went through very smoothly with the required monies returned quite speedily.

  • First time using this insurer
  • Claim was processed with no problems
  • The insurance policy was good value for money
  • Would recommend this insurer to others

19th August 2014

We got a good deal and a good price on our annual insurance cover and everything was good and rosy until we had to make a claim. The Insurance cover is not good. They will quibble, play with words and use any and every trick they can in order to not pay you a penny if you have the misfortune to need a claim. I will not insure with them again. It may be cheap but if they don't pay then it isn't worth the paper it is written on. Good luck in getting any money if you do need to claim.

17th July 2014

Very disappointed with Avanti's handling of our claim. First of all I was disappointed to discover the excess was per person, so we did not get back any of the £1,000 we lost on our holiday. I am now trying to get back other costs and they are being obtuse and unhelpful. I would avoid this company, and Global Claims Services, in the future.

19th June 2013

The only company (I tried 18 others) who would provide me with World Wide ( including USA, Canada & the Caribbean) Annual Travel Insurance at a reasonable cost with my Heart condition at age 72.

6th May 2013

Have just rang Avanti to get a quote for worldwide travel for next year,Ben was so helpful, helping with pre-existing medical conditions.Other ones i've rang wouldn't give me a quote for next year.The price was good,so now i know i can go ahead a choose my holiday for 2014.Thank you Ben will ring in the new year

1st May 2013

I was having trouble finding travel insurance because a pre-existing medical condition, but Avanti provided a policy with no problems and their customer service on the phone was great.

28th March 2013

Avanti Travel Insurance is the BEST. My husband has high cholesterol and high blood pressure and he got a really good policyat a really good price with no problems whatsoever

23rd August 2011

If I hadn’t contacted Avanti Travel Insurance I would not have been able to go on my cruise. I found the other companies in the marketplace difficult to deal with and my pre-existing medical conditions meant that they were unable to insure me. The majority of the people on the cruise ship were aged between 65 and 90 and it was surprising how many had experienced similar difficulties with purchasing insurance. I cannot recommend Avanti Travel Insurance highly enough. I fully intend to take another policy out with them later on in the year.

23rd August 2011

Avanti Travel Insurance offers a level of customer service that is unrivalled in the marketplace. As an insurance intermediary myself, I feel completely confident recommending that my clients use Avanti for their travel insurance requirements. They are helpful and quick to respond to enquiries and any claims processes my clients have are managed seamlessly. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

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Avanti Travel Insurance specialise in pre-existing medical conditions and over 50s travel insurance. There is no upper age limit on their policies and each of their policies are tailored around each individual's circumstances.

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