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With over 35 years experience in the foreign exchange sector, Sterling has established an excellent reputation for offering the best exchange rates and excellent customer service to a long standing and ever expanding clientele.

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18 September 2019

Bought £1,500 worth of Malaysian ringgits

18 September 2019

Excellent service best rates and fast secure delivery

John Roberts

18 September 2019

Bought £2,000 worth of Croatian kuna

18 September 2019

Bought Croatian Kuna. Great service, speedy signed for delivery and good exchange rate. Better than the high street rate.

Will definitely use again.

Steve H

18 September 2019

Bought Brazilian reals

18 September 2019

New customer.Top class service from order to delivery, including excellent phone support re a couple of queries.

Arthur Baker

18 September 2019

Bought £700 worth of Euros

18 September 2019

Does what it says on the packet. Order one day for delivery the next. I have used Sterling several times before and will continue to in the future.

thanks again.


17 September 2019

Sold 2,225 US dollars

17 September 2019

The quickest FX buy back service that I have ever used.Posted one day and in my bank account the next day.Also the application form is simple to complete.I would use this company again without hesitation.


17 September 2019

Bought £800 worth of Euros

17 September 2019

Would definitely recommend- ordered on Thursday and currency was delivered Saturday morning as requested.


12 September 2019

Bought £1,000 worth of US dollars

12 September 2019

Have used the Sterling many times. Always an excellent rate and first class service. Would not use any other company.

Shona Armstrong

12 September 2019

Bought Croatian kuna

12 September 2019

First time using Currency Club, excellent service and delivery, will definitely use them again


11 September 2019

Bought £800 worth of Croatian kuna

11 September 2019

First time using this service and absolutely delighted. Great communication from start to finish, arrived on time, bought Croatian rate online. Will definitely use this service again. Many thanks ????

Alison Reid

10 September 2019

Bought £2,000 worth of Canadian dollars

10 September 2019

Ordered Canadian dollars very happy with exchange rate and fast tracked delivery

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