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Reviews Policy

Reviews form an integral part of our website because they allow customers to share their experiences of a company, good or bad. Reviews help other people to make informed decisions about a company's products and services, and also provide companies with feedback on things they do well and areas they can improve on.

In the interests of transparency, we have compiled this guide which explains our review policy in detail.

The Review Process

  1. A customer submits a review by filling out the review form at the bottom of a company's review page.
  2. The review is queued for moderation.
  3. If the review meets our moderation criteria (below), it is published on the website, and the company being reviewed is sent a notification email informing them of a new review. If the review does not meet our moderation criteria, it is permanently deleted.
  4. Companies are given 30 days to respond to a review. Any official responses are published directly underneath the review that was responded to.


All reviews submitted to are held in a moderation queue before publishing. The moderation process is designed to increase the quality and integrity of reviews rather than act as a form of censorship.

Reviews are moderated according to the following criteria:

Reviews are usually moderated within 72 hours of submission, and the moderator's decision is final. If the review meets the above criteria it will published immediately on the website. If a review does not meet the above criteria it will be permanently deleted.

Once published, does not delete, amend or otherwise modify reviews in any way, with the following exceptions:

Good Review Guidelines

We encourage customers to write factual and honest accounts of their experience with a company. The following points can be used as a guide to writing a good review:

Fake Reviews

We do not allow companies to submit their own reviews, or reviews of other companies, and will automatically reject any reviews that we suspect are not genuine. Fake reviews are contrary to the purpose of our review system and will not be tolerated. We monitor the IP addresses of all incoming reviews and will block any addresses that we suspect are engaging in such practices.

Data collection and GDPR

Our review service complies with our GDPR policy which can be found in our privacy policy. In summary, we do not collect or store any information that can be used to identify individuals when they submit a review. We ask that reviewers leave a name when completing a review, but this does not have to be their real name. For spam prevention we also record the IP address used to submit each review, but this information cannot be used for identification purposes.


We recognise that we have a responsibility as publishers to ensure that the reviews we collect are genuine, honest and accurate. Reviews play an important role in the customer journey of our website, and we understand that many customers base their purchasing decisions on a company's reviews or star rating. At the same time, we have an obligation to the companies being reviewed to ensure that they are being portrayed fairly, and that they have a right to respond or to ask for further information on any reviews that they feel are unjust or not genuine. We hope that these guidelines help to explain our role as distributors of feedback, and the extent of our involvement in the review process, but if you have any questions about our review system please contact us.

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