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27th December 2016

Exceptionally dishonest comany. Poor customer service. Do not offer what they advertise and they should be reprimanded for this. Any interaction I have had with them has been an ordeal. Do not use.

  • The insurance policy was not good value for money
  • Claiming was not simple or straightforward
  • Customer services were friendly and helpful
  • My claim was not settled to my satisfaction
  • I would recommend this insurer to others


22nd December 2016

Making every excuse not to process my claim from months ago for my dog. Now my policy has auto renewed they said I can't claim for something from last year!!! Total scammers

  • The insurance policy was not good value for money
  • Claiming was not simple or straightforward
  • Customer services were friendly and helpful
  • My claim was not settled to my satisfaction
  • I would recommend this insurer to others


1st December 2016

I chose this insurer for my phone and laptop initially because of the good reviews, however I just realised most of the good reviews are just regarding their sign up process, which is indeed easy as almost every other provider. However when I actually had to make a claim because my items were stolen in a house moving, this company simply doesn't pay!! They asked for all kinds of documents, which though I was able to provide; they transfer the claim to some 'special assessment team' which to be honest is just another name of their excuse (this 'special team' has been conducting some deep investigations and would refuse to speak to you or provide any information/update to your claim, and would not even give you a timeframe how long it shall take - they literally give themselves the right to delay or hang your claim FOREVER!). I called them numerous times and sent them several letters, including a serious court action notice letter, which were all basically ignored - and it has been two months! The last thing I heard from them (after my emails & calls bombing for a update) was an email from the 'special team', asking me to provide proof of purchase - which was sent to them the second day after my claim, AND it was confirmed of receiption by them! Serious work of the 'special team' ha? When I questioned them this, they just again ignore and don't reply anymore. So just let you know this company would do everything possible to make the claim process as difficult as it can be for you, hoping you'd just give up so they don't have to pay. If you want to risk your simple life and put yourself in endless chasing, calling and writing... and eventually legal messes, do business with them.

  • The insurance policy was not good value for money
  • Claiming was not simple or straightforward
  • Customer services were friendly and helpful
  • My claim was not settled to my satisfaction
  • I would recommend this insurer to others


31st October 2016

Very poor experience making claim on travel insurance. Associated claims dept used every trick in the book to avoid paying, got through on a loophole in a sub clause, etc you know the rest. Probably not worth bothering! Staff helpful enough, but clearly there to avoid paying at all costs!

  • The insurance policy was not good value for money
  • Claiming was not simple or straightforward
  • Customer services were friendly and helpful
  • My claim was not settled to my satisfaction
  • I would recommend this insurer to others


29th March 2016

Protect your bubble is a absolute 100% bogus company. I will never recommend them to anyone. They rip you off big time. You pay your monthly bill and when you claim for a lost iPhone you get rejected. The service I received was disgusting and this company needs to be reported to Rip off Britain so that this company can be highlighted for ripping people off. Do not use this company ever, run, run and you will not regret it. I paid £6.49 every month since November 2014 and when I tried to make a claim a few days ago it was rejected. My son was in the park when he lost his iPhone 5s and I reported it to the police. Everything I did was within reason but when I claimed they decided to reject my claim. They may ne the cheapest on the market but I would rather go to a reputable company that will give peace of mind if you lose your gadget. I have since left numerous reviews as this company should be highlighted for misconduct to customers.... Please do not ever use this company...


7th January 2016

Bought family gadget insurance for 3 iPads and one iPhone. Had to claim for my daughters iPad shortly after getting the insurance and the process was easy and clear. No issues what so ever! Excellent insurance provider


30th December 2015

the worst insurance company My phone had the screen cracked and back bent also from the fall damaged it.The excess i had to pay 50 pounds covered for replacing the damaged screen but not for the bent back. Which means i have to continue using the phone looking like it came out of war.The cost of replacing a screen in town is around 25 pounds in a phone shop.I advise everyone that wants to get this insurer to think twice because unless your phone is not working at all they will not repair any cosmetic damage like they say unless this makes the phone inoperable. So basically you can have any kind of damage if your phone is working not sure what they will replace or not. AVOID


18th December 2015

if you want to pay people for nothing in return... this is for you. No idea how this compares to other insurers, but this was the worst experience it could have been. Wow This website does not get enough coverage. I was looking for reviews, or a place where I can be vocal with my review. It is obvious which reviews are left by people on fiver to leave a positive review for protect your bubble. To start off, in March (note it is 18/12/2015 I still haven't received my phone) my colleague knocked my phone from my hand thus cracking the screen. The process to claim is in no way simple. I needed the receipt copy, paper from my mobile phone supplier (to confirm the phone make and model) as well as a host of other documents. After completing that, I submitted the claim. The documents from EE were not accepted. I asked EE for other documents. This went on for 5 months. During this time I called them on a weekly basis and submitted 4 claims. No phone still. Following this my phone got snatched from my hand. I again had to make a different claim, with police statement. This happened more than 2 months ago. I have been calling them every Monday for the last month and a half. This Monday one gentleman accused me of not blocking my phone 1 month after it had been stolen. Which I thought was very weird and definitely not true. If I pay you insurance over the course of one year, without you respecting that contract, then I call and get insulted. That really is amazing.. just amazingly bad. I hope they get no presents this Christmas as they don't deserve any. Please note, I've been more polite than I should've been given the circumstances, given the fact that for most of this year I have not had the full use of my phone. Will submit a complaint with the regulators. Worst service ever. They could at least have the decency to take responsibility for their failings and make amends rather than put up fake reviews. This is not a fake review and I still have all documents regarding my cl

jim moss

17th December 2015

worst company ever to exist set up a family policy and they took 4 payments in one month. finally got a refund then they stopped taking payments and want me to send a bank statement to prove they aren't taking money cancelled policy altogether you get what you pay for


3rd October 2015

Just protect your money And don't don't be with protect your bubble This company liars and theft

Ken Petersen

7th August 2015

Son went into pool with his Iphone so I contacted Protect your Bubble to to file a claim. I filled out the sworn proof of loss and had to go to the Apple store to get a copy of the receipt. I faxed both items to them and they didn't receive them. I faxed them again and they didn't receive them. I asked for another number to fax it to and they said there was only one. I asked if I can scan and email the documents and they said sure. Emailed them 3 times and they say they never received my email and then a manager finally gave me another number to fax the documents to. They finally receive the documents and tell me the phone will be sent out and I should receive it tomorrow. The next day I call to get the tracking info because I never received an email with the tracking info and they tell me the duplicate receipt from the apple store was rejected and couldn't tell me why. The manager looked at the receipt and said it looked fine and would write an email to get it approved. They finally get the receipt approved and everything is in order until the next day; now they tell me they need a copy of my drivers license faxed to them. I send the fax with the copy and they reject that because it is to dark. I send them two more faxes with each copy lighter than the one before and finally it is approved. 10 days after filing the claim I receive a gold refurbished phone (they advertise that they send you a new phone. The phone does not come with a sim card so you have to swap it from your broken phone; my broken phone was an Iphone 5 and the one they sent me is a 6 which I have no complaints about but the sim card from the 5 does not fit the 6. I go to Verizon to have them put in a new sim card and they tell me that this is not a Verizon phone. I call Protect your bubble to have them send me a new phone and I will mail the other one back and they tell me they can't send me a new one until the receive the phone back. I said you have my credit card on file and you can charge me for


21st May 2015

Horrible people to deal with, ended up not being covered for iphone 6, on every stage of the claim they made mistakes on reading the documents ( told me that the police reference I provided was not correct, when it was new format for almost one month, told me the date on the blacklisting document was not correct, when provider gave them a correct one, sent me a wrong number to call back, every time different documents they asked for and in the end because ther was no sim card at time of acident didn't cover ONE MONTH AND A HALF it took them to come up with such conclusion .) Please , don't go to them..the most awful experience , comlete wastage of time and money.People absolutely with no attention to detail and every intention of not to cover for the phone).


4th December 2014

complete joke! had to wait 3 weeks for a new phone so ended up paying out to apple for one as I needed it for general life! Don't do it!!!

carol swallow

28th November 2014

I completely regret going with pyb. I believed I was getting a no quibble insurance policy on my iPod touch. At £65 I thought this was expensive. However when I came to make a claim on the policy I was told there was an excess and wouldn't even be guaranteed of getting it fixed. The advisor was offhand and unhelpful. After reading the terrible reviews of pyb I am not even going to bother making a claim. Worst £65 ever spent and I will not get gadget insurance again


29th September 2014

TERRRIBLE! DO NOT USE! I broke my phone screen and paid 50 pounds for them to fix it. when they sent it back out it wasn't fixed properly and my phone eventually wouldn't even turn on. They have now had my phone for 2 weeks. made me pay the excess again and were no help at all. I will be cancelling my policy assoon as I get my phone back!


11th August 2014

its a wrost experince with protect bubble . i waited for 42 days i didnt revice my device . friends i suggest you to take good insurnce for your things dont follow fake reviews . this is my personal experince with protect bubblem. finally they didnt slove my problem . its loss for me now dont belive this type of insurance

liz corsini

10th May 2014

Here is the biggest thing you should know about Protect Your Bubble rental car insurance. I'm going to TELL you because it's NOT written in your contract, on the site or anywhere else you would look to confirm it. YOU the renter, has to pay out of pocket for any and all damage. Protect Your Bubble will THEN reimburse you IF your claim is approved. I"ve had both a lawyer and the California Department of Insurance look at all the paper work and they've concurred IT'S NOT WRITTEN ANYWHERE. They've also mentioned it's ILLEGAL. I'm in the middle of making my formal complaint to the CDI now. So if you have an accident, like I did, you'll have to pay for the damage yourself. Protect Your Bubble then, say it with me now, denied my claim (of course they did) so now I'm out of pocket thousands that I could not afford. Silly me for trying to save $3 a day. GET THE INSURANCE FROM THE RENTAL AGENCY.


1st November 2013

Awesome service! I set up Protect your Bubble's travel insurance a while ago. And I wasn't disappointed. When I needed to claim, the representative that I talked to was very helpful. Everything was sorted out without stress. Awesome customer service! Great insurance coverage. Would recommend

Ahmed Saad

30th October 2013

This is a very great website from many aspects. I purchased my I-Phone 2 weeks ago and I use this site service to insure my phone. Unfortunately, my phone screen broke so I made a contact with the website support to solve this problem. The support team is professional and friendly as they took it from me to repair the issue. I think the insurance price is very affordable and suitable for the services they offer. I paid easily with my credit card with no extra effort. Finally, I got my I-phone back and it is now new as I purchased it in the first place. I also made insurance for many things that I have and actually I feel great that I have insurance to cover all my things very well. I like the tracking system that they have for the repair as I can track my phone repair process second by second. As I made insurance for many things, I got a great discount up to 15% so it is a great offer and I think everyone should benefit from it. I’m very satisfied from the provided service and I want to thank all the staff for their effort to please all the clients in many ways. I’m sure that anyone will be happy to use their awesome services. I really like the tips that they offer for taking care of I-phone and I think this is very helpful for everyone. This shows that they care about the clients very much and I think this is true as I experienced this by myself. They fix anything very quickly and they fix things very well. This website has a great advantages and the best advantage from my perspective is the support as I think the support is very essential thing and it has to be very efficient. Thanks. 


25th October 2013

I purchased pet insurance through Protect Your since my vet recommended them to me. Only after I purchased did I see the bad reviews on here. Maybe PYB read all the bad reviews and did something about it because my experience is quite opposite from all the negative reviews. They covered my pet visit, one night stay, and medication after my dog got into a fight with my other pet. Her ear was torn off and it needed to get repaired to stop the bleeding. My vet helped me fill out the claim form and the cost was reimbursed to me. It would have been a lot of money if I didn't have the pet insurance coverage and the claims person didn't try to get out of covering us.


3rd July 2013

Lol haha Every review here over 4 stars was written by a Protect your bubble employee. It is so obvious too. Like "I was amazed at how fantastic protect your bubble are". It's like watching home shopping reading the bs fake reviews. Here's my fake review. "PYB are amazing they don't shaft customers at all. The internet isn't awash with warnings about their terrible service and contemptuos attitude towards customers. They always deal with everybody in a timely and curtious manner. Their staff are helpful and well trained". And they absolutely don't threaten charity websites with legal action for expressing opinions about PYB's terrible nasty scum-bag company and the terrible experiences they had with them." Jokers if you spent as much time trying to satisfy customers as you do trying to protect your reputation with phoney reviews you'd be market leaders.

Hannah Stacey

21st February 2013

I honestly wish there was a no-star rating. Protect Your Bubble brings a whole new meaning to the word inept. Having somewhat unceremoniously dropped my iPhone down the toilet (long story) it took them a full two weeks to get a new one back to me, in spite of their 48 hour promise. Emailing or phoning their customer service team is a pointless endeavour - I ended up having to take to Twitter to find out what on earth was going on. To sum up: if you can\'t live without your phone, for the love of God do not take out insurance with this company.


9th August 2012

Well you get what you pay for. Never less than 12 minutes on hold when you phone in to their 0844 number. Sent in my receipts and claim weeks ago and was asked for my bank. credit card statement! Said I didn\'t have it and have had no response to emails/ being on hold since then. Abysmal company


1st August 2012

Appalling service, I have never known such poor customer service, in particular continually emailing me to say they have left voice-mails for me (it was a phone I had lost) That is the tip of the iceberg. Yes they are cheap but honestly go elsewhere.


22nd July 2012

Absolutely terrible. I feel totally cheated. I did everything they told me to and weeks later they came back with my claim denied. Now I really don\'t know what to do! £600 for a new iphone :(

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