5 Tips for Avoiding Dodgy Gatwick Airport Parking Companies

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We’ve all heard the horror stories.

Cars being abandoned in fields and on random streets with no security.   Or travellers arriving back at their car to find it damaged, covered in mud, or with an empty tank since it was driven miles away by the car park operator.
Unfortunately, these are things that do happen once in a while.
So we went to airport parking experts SkyParkSecure to find out how to avoid a nasty shock when you’ve returned from your holiday.

They advised us to…

1) Avoid Private Driveways

driveway of house with cars

Airport parking can be expensive if you don’t know where to look, so it’s tempting to go for the cheapest option and save a little bit of holiday money.

However, the cheapest option is often the most risky.

Some websites allow regular people to rent out their driveways for use by airport parkers, but this leaves you with very little protection, security or insurance.

Plus, if there’s any damage to your vehicle, who’s going to be liable for it?

I’m afraid the answer is you!

2) Use an Established Company

company verification details

Technically, anyone with a spare bit of land can just say they’re a car park. So it’s always good to do a bit of research on the company you’re using before you hand over your cash.

Have they got a website? If not, it might be cause for alarm.

If they have got a website, what information do they give you? You should be able to find out their head office address, company identification number and VAT registration number within their terms and conditions or in the website footer itself.

Also, look out for the little details. For instance, their only contact number shouldn’t be a mobile number —they should have a business landline number listed.

3) Look for the Park Mark Symbol

park mark symbol

Did you know that there’s a national programme that aims to minimise crime in car parks across the UK? Car parks with the Park Mark logo have taken measures to ensure the safety of customers and their vehicles. It’s a scheme that’s managed by the British Parking Association and is fully supported by the Home Office and Scottish Government. Around a quarter of UK car parks proudly display their Park Mark award. 

This one’s a no-brainer really…if the car park isn’t Park Mark certified, look elsewhere!

4) Check for Independent Reviews

review stars





A lot of car park websites include reviews of the car parks, but often these are curated by the car park itself, so they can be a bit of a biased point of view. Instead, look for websites which use an independent review system such as Reevoo so that you know the reviews included are genuine.

Since the reviews are housed on an external site, the car park can’t promote the good ones and bury the bad ones.

5) Use a Price Comparison Site

airport parking price comaprison


You’re most likely to find an independent review system on a price comparison site like skyparksecure.com Comparison sites have no stake in which car park you book, they merely want to show you the best price you can get. And what’s more, you’ll get to see a choice of different options rather than trawling through loads of different websites yourself!

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With these 5 tips we hope you can make smarter choices when it comes to your airport parking. As an added bonus SkyParkSecure is giving Compare Holiday Money readers a special introductory offer.

Simply follow this airport parking link and use the promo code STEVESPECIAL to get 15% off your airport parking.

And once you have your airport parking safely booked don’t forget to find the latest deals on your travel money, currency cards or travel insurance to save even more money!

Big thanks to Ryan Mulholland at SkyParkSecure for the facts and figures.

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