Which airlines offer wi-fi to customers on-board?

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IAG announced on Wednesday that it’s short-haul flights on airlines such as British Airways will offer wi-fi access to customers on board.

The company that also owns Aer Lingus, Iberia and Vueling have revealed that these airlines will also offer wi-fi and it’s up to the providers if they want to charge customers.

They join the ranks of several airlines that offer internet access to customers on board flight to destinations around the world.

I’ve decided to take a look that other airlines that offer wifi on board flights, how much they charge, popular destinations they fly too and also the currency of the destinations they fly to.

Do you think that wi-fi is a big factor of selecting your chosen airline? Would you prefer your airlines to offer it or would you not use it? Be sure to let us know in the comments.




Cost: £3.50 for one hour or £11 for the whole flight. Service is free in business class.

All flights?: On it’s Airbus A350 planes

Popular destinations: Flies to over 70 destinations worldwide including the UK, the Americas and Asia. All transferred from Helsinki Airport.

Currency of destinations: With it’s most popular destination being travelling to Helsinki, the city is the capital of Finland. The currency of the Scandinavian country is the Euro.


Gogo Partners


Cost: Sells day passes for about £10.50, however passes purchased on-board can amount to around £25. (source Daily Mail)

All flights?: The Gogo partners include Delta, American, United and Virgin American airlines.

Popular destinations: Most of these offer services across the United States and Canada.

Currency of destinations: The US and Canada have different Dollars so be sure to purchase the right ones and both types if you’re intending to travel to both destinations.


Jet Blue


Cost: The basic model of internet access is free, however the airline encourages some passengers to consider the premium model at £6 for an hour.

All flights?: This is available on all flights.

Popular destinations: JetBlue serves destinations in the U.S., Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, and South America.

Currency of destinations: The airline is the 5th biggest in the US and many of the destinations including Hawaii also use the dollar. Another popular destination with the low-cost fares include Mexico. The currency in Mexico is the Mexican peso.




Cost: Free with its services within Europe and also between the US and the Carribean.

All flights?: This is available on all flights.

Popular destinations: The most popular destinations include short breaks to destinations across Europe. the airline however is fast expanding it’s transatlantic voyages and the number of destinations.

Currency of destinations: It’s most popular trips on short flights within Europe make the Euro the likely currency to have with you before going on a trip with Norwegian.


Qatar Airways


Cost: Qatar Airways lets passengers access the wifi for a limited period of time. If customers want to use it for rhe duration of the trip it costs £14.

All flights?: The duration offer only extends to long-haul flights, otherwise the airline charges you £3.50 per hour.

Popular destinations: The most popular destinations include Asia and especially connection flights to Australia and New Zealand. However the most popular destinations include Doha and the UAE cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Currency of destinations: The main currency of Qatar is the Rial Equals. The United Arab Emirates currency is the Dirham.


Turkish Airlines


Cost: Turkish Airlines offers wi-fi to its customers along with other internet and entertainment services.

All flights?: This is available on all flights.

Popular destinations: The airline flies to over 115 countries in the world and is one of the largest airlines in the world. Aswell as destinations in Europe, they also offer regular flights to Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Currency of destinations: the main currency of Saudi Arabia is the Saudi riyal. Meanwhile Livres are the Egyptian pound, the North Africa nation’s currency.


Virgin Atlantic


Cost: Virgin charges £14.99 per flight.

All flights?: With these all being long-haul flights, the airline offers this service to all its passengers on all its voyages from the UK, US and other destinations.

Popular destinations: The most popular route on the voyage is from Heathrow to Orlando when UK families travel to Disney World.

Currency of destinations: With most of its flights to airports in America, the main currency of its destinations is the US Dollar. However Virgin Atlantic also flies to Australia, South Africa, Dubai and many more.


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