ACE-FX – Unaffected by Ransomware Cyber-attack

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Euros and Dollars Currency

Following a cyber-attack reaching people across the globe, you may be left worrying whether your currency purchases have been affected. Many people purchase currency online and will be relieved to know that cyber security is a top priority for companies dealing with private financial information.

“We have several levels of security and the majority of these levels are automated services. On top of this security, we then have the added benefit of a compliance team, who then manually check our customers details to confirm there are no issues. We use SAGEPAY in order to safeguard the funds being paid to us. Rest assured, that any customers placing orders with us will have their personal details protected at all times”. -ACE-FX

After contacting ACE-FX, they have confirmed that this cyber-attack has not affected customers who have recently made purchases on the website.

It is difficult to know whether the party behind this attack will be caught as cyber-criminals go to great lengths to hide their identity. Stay mindful of the links and attachments that are sent to your devices and take caution when opening anything you do not recognise.


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