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Asda, like all the major supermarkets will sell you travel money with your baked beans and fish fingers. So how do Asda travel money rates compare to other brands? We know them and trust them and it’s fair to say they do offer competitive exchange rates particularly online.

Interestingly, Asda travel money is actually hosted by Travelex one of the worlds largest foreign exchange businesses, who provide travel money services for many types of business the world over as well as having their own network of bureau de change. They also host travel money for Tesco and Sainsbury’s so just as Heinz provide the baked beans and Birds Eye the fish fingers, Travelex provide the currency services.

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How do the exchange rates stack up for Asda in a competitive marketplace? We had a look at how they compare on the two top selling currencies and two smaller ones against the best rates, Travelex own rates and Sainsburys and Tesco*


By far the best selling currency in the UK and not surprising as it is used by 19 countries, many of them top holiday destinations. The competition is fierce and on Company Holiday Money listings the top 5 can change regularly as suppliers jockey for the top spot. The Asda rate for euros from their website is 1.1035 so for £500 you would get €551.75.

The others wade in at:

  • Best rate, NM Travel Money 1.1136 (€556.80)
  • Tesco 1.1019 (€550.90)
  • Sainsburys 1.1002 (€550.10)
  • Travelex 1.0961 (€547.33)

Not bad from Asda top of our 3 supermarkets just, however, at the time of writing we had 9 suppliers offering better rate than 1.1035 for euros on the Compare Holiday Money comparison listings.

U.S. Dollars

Second biggest seller in the UK and Asda are offering 1.2749 bucks to the pound. This would get you $637.45. The others come in at:

  • Best rate, NM Travel Money 1.2858 ($642.90)
  • Tesco 1.2736 ($636.80)
  • Sainsburys 1.2716 ($635.80)
  • Travelex 1.2666 ($6731.30)

So again Asda just pip the other 2 supermarkets but not the other 11 suppliers we have listing better USD rates than 1.2749.

OK so how will they fare on smaller currencies? We chose Turkish Lira and Aussie dollars for comparison – not for any particular reason. Here are our results:






Turkish Lira

Asda 6.3771 (₺3188 for £500)

  • Best rate, Debenhams 6.4536 (₺3226)
  • Sainsburys 6.3607 (₺3180)
  • Tesco 6.3476 (₺3173)
  • Travelex  6.2492 (₺3109)

Yes it’s a similar story but we still had 9 suppliers offering better TRY rates than  6.3771!






Australian dollars

Aussie dollars are in our top 5 currencies by volume so how did Asda do with this currency?

Asda rate 1.7099 (au$854.95)

  • Best rate, NM Travel Money 1.7324 (au$866.20)
  • Tesco 1.7091 (au$854.55)
  • Sainsburys 1.7077 (au$853.85)
  • Travelex 1.7050 (au$845.73)

Number of suppliers with AUD rates better than 1.7099 was 14.

So the battle of the 3 supermarkets shows us that Asda just beats them on the currencies we looked at but not by much. If you had to drive 10 miles to your nearest Adsa to get a slightly better rate than Tesco on your doorstep it may not be worth it. However, if you look at the listings on Compare Holiday Money you can find as many as 14 suppliers offering better rates with a selection of home delivery and collection options.

Check out the latest rates before you travel – It’s a no brainer!

*Rates correct at the time of writing, see website for current rates.

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