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Beach YogaAs we head into February, many of our New Year’s resolutions will be in full swing. For others, the general stresses of life may have already begun to take over. Personally, one of my resolutions was to make time for my own mental health and general wellbeing. Travel is known to be good for the soul and there are many retreats designed for just this.

What is a wellbeing holiday?

There are holidays out there that are designed to focus on your health. The idea is that you go home with a different outlook on your life physically and mentally. There are many types of these holidays ranging from yoga retreats, surf courses and body holidays. There are some destinations that offer a combination of these things. Whatever retreat you choose, your wellbeing will be guaranteed to be the main focus.

Why should we consider a wellbeing break?

Our day to day lives can be very hectic. Even if we love what we do, it can become very easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of it all. I spoke to Amy Williams from Next Wave Yoga to find out why our readers might benefit from a health and wellbeing retreat.

“Retreats are a great way to combine having some much needed ‘timeout’ with your favourite hobbies. Whether it’s a relaxing yoga retreat or a fitness and detox break, it enables you to be submerged into something you are interested in, leaving you feeling on top of the world! A lot of the time it enables you to visit and explore somewhere you may have not thought about visiting on a holiday before too, it really can feel like a great adventure. More than anything, retreats are a great way to try new things and meet new people, every retreat I have hosted I have seen new friendships formed, its really magical to see.”

As a travel writer, I only recently found out that these types of breaks exist by reading other peoples blogs. I am a follower of fitness vlogger Carly Rowena, who vlogged her trip to The Body Holiday in St Lucia. Following vlogs and blogs can be really useful when finding first hand reviews of these destinations. See Carly’s vlog below:

So if you’re feeling like you need a little break, purchase a trip more health related to go hand in hand with your resolutions. If you have ever been on a wellbeing retreat, let me know in the comments!


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