Can Siri Find You the Best Exchange Rate?

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In recent blog posts I’ve looked at the pros and cons of using different payment methods to purchase your holiday money.

This week, I’m interested to find out the best exchange rate for buying holiday money – using Siri.

Compare Holiday Money is designed to find you the best exchange rates and does this by comparing the UK’s top currency suppliers. But can I put Siri to the test and find a better exchange rate for euros than on our site?

Watch my YouTube video below to find out.

Compared to the best exchange rate Siri could find, to the one’s on our site, Siri found a better exchange rate on Yahoo Finance by 0.0176.

As you can see below, the highest exchange rate found on Compare Holiday Money was through Sterling, at 1.1628.

Despite finding a higher exchange rate, Siri didn’t provide a feasible option to purchase holiday money or advise on where to buy it at this rate.

It should also be noted that the rates given on Yahoo Finance are ‘interbank’ rates, and does not provide high street rates which are subject to commission.

So, although Siri might have trumped the best rate, Compare Holiday Money remains the best site to compare providers and find you the best deals.

We think Siri knows this too…

You can search for the best rates on our site by clicking here.

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Jade Taylorson

Jade is Journalism graduate from the University of Central Lancashire. She is a freelance Travel Blogger for Compare Holiday Money, and Online Production Journalist for ITV Border News.

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