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Everyone always ask, “Are there cheap ways to travel around Europe? £500 or less is certainly possible and you have hope that it does. Because why else would you click to read this post!

These ways will depend on your additional spending and countries you choose but we guarantee that you can stay in Europe for at least a week for £500. Another factor that gives you quite an advantage is your location. If you’re living in the UK, then traveling cheaply around Europe is even more possible.

Budget Airlines Or Trains

Budget airlines should be your to-go choice for traveling further. However, if you’re looking for a nearby country then trains are definitely cheaper by £10 – £20. One thing to remember though, is the time it takes. Train might be cheaper but it will take nearly 5 times longer. For instance, a train from London to Paris will take about 8.5 – 9.5 hours to get there while a flight will take only 1.5 hour max.

If you’re willing to be in a public transport for that amount of hours because it will save you £20 then YES book a train ticket. At the end £20 can actually pay for one night at a hostel or at a nice AirBnB place if shared with companions.

Budget airlines you can take to Europe include:

  • EasyJet
  • Eurowings
  • Ryanair
  • British airways (not a budget airline but offers a lot of cheap tickets to Europe)
  • Vueling

These are just some out of many many more.

Travel In Groups

We actually tested whether this theory is true. We found that when searching for a group booking of 4 people, the price for either an airfare or a train ticket went down by £10 – £20 each!

And have we mentioned the benefit of booking an AirBnB for 4 – 5 people? You can get such a nice apartment in Istanbul with 3 bedrooms that looks this beautiful!

Yes you can argue back saying Istanbul is super cheap BUT this is crazy cheap. We would only be paying £28 per night per person for this, if this isn’t called a bargain we don’t know what is.

Traveling in pairs will still cut the cost by would you ever reject going in a group if you’re told you’re going to pay a lot less than traveling in pairs or alone?

Start With Cheaper Countries

Honestly though, why would you choose expensive countries first? This kind of decision isn’t really friendly to your bank account.

Why do you think long term travelers head to South East Asia first before the rest of the world? Because it’s way cheaper and you can last twice longer in a country.

So maybe instead of choosing Norway where everything is twice the price of the UK as your first destination, why don’t you go for Latvia, Poland or Turkey. You will be able to live comfortably and still have more than enough left on your travel budget.

PS. Airfare won’t cost that much more cause you’re still in Europe

Please Travel Off-season (if you can)

On seasons are great. You won’t get to miss out on Christmas markets in Germany. However, you have to be willing to pay the high price.

Well since you’re reading this post we do recommend you traveling off season because it’s way cheaper that way. It will save you another hassle of looking for accommodation and less skyrocketed airfare. It’s always so difficult to get any place to stay during high seasons. Don’t even talk about nice or great places because you won’t get one unless you book for it 4 months in advance.

When you’re traveling off seasons, you have more choices because airlines, hotels and such need customers. And during those times they’re sort of desperate so they will lower the price down by a lot just to get the revenue coming.


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