Where are the highest mountains in Europe?

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Everybody knows that Mount Everest has the highest peak in the world. Other notable mountains include Fuji in Japan and of course Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa.

But if you were to ask somebody where the highest mountain in Europe was, they would probably have no idea!

On the border of Europe and West Asia lies the Caucasus Mountains. The mountains stretch for 1,100 km (680 miles) between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.

Its location rests neatly on the borders of Russia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. The biggest mountain is Mount Elbrus; towering over the Kabardino-Balkaria region of Russia at an impressive 5642m above sea-level.

Elbrus has been ranked by Alpine Ascents as beneficial for aspiring climbers that want to test their skills at an increased altitude. While the climb is generous basic mountaineering skills needed, high altitude and unpredictable weather make this climb challenging.

In fact, Elbus isn’t the only high mountain in the region. The top six highest mountains in Europe are all situated in the Caucasus range. The highest mountain after these is Mont Blanc on the border between France and Italy. Mont Blanc is famous for its ski resort.

There are a number of providers who organise expeditions to climb some of these mountains. So for an alternative destination to visit and challenge yourself check our the Mount Elbus and Caucasus ranges.

Be sure to check out Alpine Ascents for advice on climbs and some expeditions they run themselves!

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