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Expansive landscapes, lush nature and exploring the unknown. These certainly sound enticing to everyone, especially nowadays when we are mostly stuck in the 9-to-5. Because of our work, we rarely get to spend quality time with our families and before we know it, our kids have grown up and it’s already too late. If you feel like this sounds familiar, consider a road trip as your next holiday.

A family road trip is the perfect family holiday if you want to make some unforgettable memories with your loved ones all the while bonding and doing incredible things together on the road. For road trips, the destination is not the point – the point is the process and therefore, no matter what location you choose for your family road trip, plenty of fun is guaranteed (of course, seasoned with some unexpected situations that you are going to retell for generations to come). Still, choosing a kid-friendly destination will make the organisation of the trip a little smoother, so here are a few of the locations that you could consider if you’ve decided to take your family on the road.

New Zealand

New Zealand is an excellent destination for nature lovers as you will certainly not find such beautiful, untouched natural landscapes in many other places in the world. So, a family that likes nature and hiking will surely love a New Zealand trip. Taking your adventure on the South Island is a great idea, as then you will be able to start off your tour in Christchurch, a lovely city that can be a real playground for kids. You can then take a trip to Lake Tekapo, a beautiful lake where the sky is as clear as it gets, making it perfect for stargazing. Spending some time in Tekapo Springs by the lake is also a great idea, as you will be able to relax a bit while your kids get to play in the Aqua Play Area. In the end, you can even visit Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park which is just nearby and is great for hiking.


There is no doubt the US is one of the top countries for any kind of road trip. In this vast territory, there is a huge choice of all kinds of road trip itineraries, but you can also tailor whichever one you choose to your family’s preferences. For instance, one of the best possible choices would be an itinerary that incorporates a visit to the amazing Grand Canyon, a natural wonder that is going to leave the entire family in awe. But if you find San Francisco and Los Angeles more iconic, the Pacific Coast Highway has got your back. At the same time, if you are truly ambitious, you can even drive across the whole country on routes such as the Oregon Trail that is truly historic. Whichever you choose, you are guaranteed to come across a ton of unexpected, interesting things along the way. Both New Zealand and the US are popular destinations so if you can’t decide, try to compare travel costs, which might help.


France is nothing less than many people’s dream destination, with fairytale-like castles and little villages, amazing wines and a quaint atmosphere that will make you feel like you are in a different world. Start off your tour in Paris – in Disneyland Paris or in Parc Asterix in particular, two of the favourite theme parks of the locals which your kids are surely going to love. After that, no matter where the road takes you, make sure you have some authentic French delicacies and buy some delicious macaroons that might just become the whole family’s new favourite dessert. You can even take your road trip all the way south to the Aveyron region and explore beautiful medieval architecture just a stone’s throw from Montpelier.


Australia is an enticing destination for any kind of holiday, road trips included. With its beautiful beaches, amazing climate, unique wildlife and friendly, laid-back locals, the whole family is guaranteed to love spending time on the Australian roads. In addition, since Aussies love camping, you will have no problem finding the perfect spots to take a break at. One of the most popular routes for a road trip is the Great Ocean Road, which starts in Torquay and culminates in the Twelve Apostles’ natural wonder as you drive along the coast. The best thing about it is that you can meet incredible wildlife along the way, especially if you make a stop at the Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve, where koalas, kangaroos, and emus reside. On the other side of the continent, Perth to Broom drive is another outstanding road trip destination. You will drive across amazing landscapes, and the only thing that could make it even more interesting for your kids is dressing up yourselves and even your car with the help of Octane Signage to match your surroundings.


Finally, Italy is also a popular country to tour and a very friendly destination overall where you can have all the amazing Italian food you can imagine. You can start off in Venice and make your way southwards to Rome while stopping wherever you seem fit (though, don’t skip Florence). Italy might be more suited for older kids as they will be able to appreciate the history and the art more, but rest assured, smaller kids will appreciate the delicious gelato just as well. Don’t forget, though, to familiarise yourself with Italian road laws before you head out.

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