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Pre-Existing Conditions

The web is full of travel insurance comparison sites, and we should know, we are one(!), that can offer policies from just a few pounds, but what about trying to find cover when you have a pre-existing medical condition? Now we are talking about something that is not so easy to find.

Because people with pre-existing conditions are seen as a higher risk, two things happen. Firstly, many of the cheapest providers have a business model based upon almost never paying out and if they do then it for the smallest amounts. For these, the possibility of a medical condition recurring is too great and they cannot afford to provide cover, the numbers simply do not stack up. The second scenario is one where the policy price is based upon a percentage of the holiday cost and the probably payout. In this situation, you can get the cover but the price is often three, four, five or sometime ten times the price of an equivalent policy without the medical condition cover.

The irony is that often someone with a known medical condition is often managing that condition better than someone who does not have a diagnosis. Most of the bargain end of the travel insurance industry do not have the resources to discern the difference between one condition and another. The place you should be looking is at some of the more specialist providers. We have looked at two, both of which offer quotes through CompareHolidayMoney, Flexicover Direct and Columbus Direct. These two providers take a different approach to pre-existing conditions, both are equally valid but tackle the problem in different ways.

Different approaches to Travel Insurance

Flexicover Direct have 25 years experience of covering customers with pre-existing medical conditions. Their basic policies now cover 300 medical conditions as standard, their single trip policies have no upper age limit and their annual policies cover you up to the age of 85. Their level of experience means that they have made accurate risk assessments of these medical conditions and they know they can cover you.

Columbus Direct take a different approach, they use the Mediquote Expert system. This provides a medical screening service that can be done online. They then have the information they need to provide you with a quote there and then. They have also found that some conditions pose such a small increased risk that they will cover these conditions for free.

The end result is the same, as insurance companies start to look at customers with pre-existing medical conditions as a growing market, they suddenly become more attractive and the insurers are more willing to be a bit more flexible. This is a growing trend. If you have a medical condition, you can still use traditional comparison sites, but then look at what the companies can offer you. – independent advice on quality cover

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