How to eat healthily on holiday

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For a lot of us, a big part of going on holiday can be all about the food. All-inclusive trips can mean an endless week of gorging and the temptation to eat out every night is just too much.

There’s so many new foods to try, and we’re becoming more and more adventurous with food abroad here in the UK. The ideology that how much we enjoy ourselves is down to the food we eat sticks with many. So is it really possible to eat healthily on holiday? The answer is yes. Here’s how:

Plan your meals
This isn’t about completely avoiding meals out, or saying no to desserts or cocktails. It’s about managing them. To stop yourself from eating out every night, plan ahead by booking restaurants for certain days, and if you’re all-inclusive, try not to eat between meal times just for the sake of it. Depending on the accommodation, you could cook your own meals or take a picnic out with fresh foods bought from markets.

Eating out – what to look out for
It’s still possible to have a delicious meal without eating something that contains 30000 calories. When you’re eating out, the best things to do is steer clear from fried, cheesy, creamy or breaded foods. Grilled, roasted, or boiled are much healthier options. And if you’re unsure, ask the chef – make sure you have a meal that’s the way you want it.

Healthy snacks
It’s easy to snack on sugary treats when you’re out and about on holiday. The best thing you can do is pack fruit, veg, or nuts to snack on before you head out. Packing a healthy salad or wrap for lunch to have while you’re on your feet or relaxing by the pool is also a good idea. Always carry bottled water with you too, this way you’ll keep hydrated and won’t be tempted to buy sugary drinks.

Cocktail o’clock
Cocktail happy hour is the devil, and can have you supping on high-calorie-tinis all day, and night! Try and stick to bottled water or diet drinks throughout the day. Then when you drink later on, try spirits with diet mixers. A lot of the time abroad, bar tenders don’t measure shots so make sure you ask for smaller ones. Another thing to remember is that empty calories in alcohol can make you feel peckish. Instead of finding a takeaway on the way home, have a healthier option ready in your room for when you get back. 

Stay on your feet
We all want to relax on holiday, and many of us find the best way to do this is on a sun-lounger with an alcoholic beverage. But you don’t have to do this everyday. Instead of lying around soaking up the sun, make use of your hotel pool or go for a dip in the sea. Walks along the beach or around the city will give you the chance to make the most of your surroundings and you’ll be surprised how much exercise you actually do come the end of your vacation.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself. Don’t stress about the food you eat too much and if you have bad days, you’ll soon get back on track once you’re home. It’s all about staying in control and feeling good about yourself.

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