Exclusive Interview with Guest Travel Blogger Gary Bembridge

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Gary Bembridge has just launched a new book called ‘The Cruise Traveler’s Handbook and we have been lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with Gary about the book and his cruise recommendations. If you are a keen to go cruising then this book is for you!

Gary Bembridge is travel blogger who has been travelling every month and every year for the last 25 years. He has a wealth of experience having been to most destinations at least more than once.

Here is what Gary Bembridge had to say about his new book when we asked him some questions – 

Can you tell us about your new book “The Cruise Traveler’s Handbook”?

The book is designed to provide inspiration, advice and tips on how to explore the world from the water, including ocean, river and canal cruising.

‘The Cruise Traveler’s Handbook’ is designed for two main types of people:

1 – Anyone holding off going cruising as they think it is not for them. I take a look at all the myths and objections and explore the reality. Before I started cruising I had the same objections as everyone I talk to who has not tried cruising.

2 – People who have cruised before and are looking to try something different and have a new experience. I explore the many different types and ways to cruise on oceans, rivers and canals.

Exclusive Interview with Guest Travel Blogger Gary Bembridge

What can readers expect to find covered in the book?

The Cruise Traveler’s Handbook – Using this handbook should help travellers to ensure you find and have unforgettable cruise holidays that are best suited to them. There are four main sections that cover why and when you should cruise, planning your cruise, making the most of your time on board and how to be a responsible and safe cruiser.

Some of the topics include:

. The reality behind cruising myths.

. When cruising is better than land based holidays.

. Which type of cruising is suited to different types of travelers.

. The main destinations you can cruise to, and who they are best for.

. How to chose the right type of cruise, cruise line and cabin.

. How to budget and ensure you get the best fare.

. How to get the most out of your time on-board.

What was the best cruise you have been on?

The last one I did! I always seem to think the last cruise I do is the best ever. However, probably the most magical is doing a transatlantic crossing on Cunard’s Queen Mary 2. This is a once-off ship and the only one that does regular scheduled crossings of the North Atlantic. Over the course of seven days you get to relive the glory days of the great ocean liners and some of the tradition and pomp of those days. It is a classic trip that I think everyone should try. I have done it quite a few times and every time it is special. You feel you are taking part in something grand and important!

The Cruise Travelers Handbook

What is your favourite location in the world?

I adore the Caribbean. I love exploring the islands, enjoying the sunshine, the stunning seas and the hospitality. There are so many islands to visit and each seems more beautiful than the next. Cruising this region is fantastic.

What is the best travel tip you can give to people?

Planning. Never go anywhere or travel with a new provider without planning. There are so many blogs and review sites written by people who have been there and found the best things to see, how to do it, where to stay and how to do it in the most cost effective way. You cannot beat good pre-planning!

Where haven’t you been that you would love to go to?

Alaska. I have not cruised there yet, and this is next on my list. I loved the Fjords and I believe Alaska is even more staggering and impressive. Cruising there is a great way to see the region.

What is your favourite way of paying for things whilst travelling? For example, cash, currency card or travel credit card?

I try and use my credit card that I earn frequent flyer points on as much as I can when travelling (and at home) to build up those valuable points to then redeem for holidays. Then I like using cash as I like to visit local markets, gift shops and use local taxis when travelling to try and get money direct into the hands of the communities and so cash is essential.

What is the best budgeting travel tip you can give everyone?

Set a daily spend and stick to it. Find ways to ensure you always stay in budget every single day and not across a total holiday. You often find surprising and new ways to enjoy your destination when forced to stick to a daily budget.

Buy ‘The Cruise Traveler’s Handbook’ on Amazon UK, published by Full Flight Press.

Also available on Kindle from Amazon UK

For further information about Gary Bembridge, his books and travel tips please visit TipsforTravellers.com

About the Author:

Gary Bembridge has been an avid cruise fan and self-confessed ship geek for over a decade. He stumbled into cruising over a decade ago when he reluctantly went on a business conference taking part on a ship, and discovered he loved being at sea. Since then he has cruised extensively around the world. In addition to being a global marketing consultant he also runs Tips for Travellers which he launched in 2005 where he podcasts, blogs and produces videos about travel and his first love: cruising.

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