Where is Game of Thrones filmed?

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It’s just a couple of days before Game of Thrones returns to our screens for Season Seven! And I’m sure viewers will be just as excited as I am.

For those that haven’t watched it yet, the show has captivated millions with its twisty plot, brilliant acting and scenes of action, dragons and much more.

The show has been filmed in locations around the world but the main locations of filming may be a surprise to most fans. GoT uses lots of CGI and has a large budget, but has stayed away from well-known locations.

These are the main locations for filming. Have you been to any of these locations? Be sure to upload your photos to Instagram using the hashtag #CHMholiday to get featured.


Castle Ward, Northern Ireland

After originally filming scenes at Winterfell in Scotland, Castle Ward is now the scene of Castle Winterfell shots within the grounds. Based in County Down, the region has now been used for multiple shots in the show. These include army scenes and the exteriors of castles. The county is also the location of Craster’s Keep and Inch Abbey, where Robb Stark is proclaimed King of the North.


County Antrim, Northern Ireland

The most prolific scenes include the Castle Black set at Magheramorne Quarry. Also in the County is the harbour of Ballintoy. This is where scenes from the Iron Islands are filmed. It’s locations from these two counties in Northern Ireland that have dramatically boosted tourism to the country.


Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik has now become a very popular tourist destination due to its involvement with the show. The Croatian city is the setting of Westeros’ capital King’s Landing. The walls and castle make it look like something straight out of the George R Martin books.

There are now tours of the city specifically designed for fans of the show. Scenes have also been filmed in Split. For tours and reviews of these places, be sure to check out TripAdvisor.


near Vik, Iceland

Iceland proved perfect for filming due to the cool temperatures. The area around the southern city of Vik was perfect for scenes North of The Wall. The popular tourist hotspot of Grjótagjá cave was also used for THAT SCENE with Jon Snow and Ygritt.


Seville, Spain

The picturesque location of the Alcazar is where the scenes of Sunspear are filmed. In the show so far we have only really scene shots of the Dorne capital and in particular the royal family’s home. The show has been seen filming at other locations around Seville and different parts of Spain.

These include Cordoba for the Long Bridge of Volantis and Castellon for parts of Mereen.


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