Getting Married in France

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Paris is known as the city of love, so if you are looking for a stylish yet sophisticated wedding abroad, then this could be the destination for you. Although the legal requirements for getting married in France can be complicated, you should not let this stand in the way of having your dream wedding here.

It is important to point out that you can either get married or enter a PACS (‘pacte civil de solidarité’, or ‘civil solidarity pact’) which is the French equivalent to a civil partnership. Before the wedding can take place, either you or your parents must have lived in the town you want to get married in for at least 40 days.

Required Documentation

When planning a wedding abroad there are certain requirements you must fulfil.  In France, most town halls (mairies) will require select documents, this may vary in certain locations. It is important to contact the town hall to obtain the list of documents and any translations that may be required for your specific destination.

You will need to send a certificate of custom. This will cost £50 and you will need to make this payment in Euros. Firstly, you must download the certificate of custom for marriage or PACS and gather all the supporting documents on the check list provided. This form must be sent to the British Embassy in Paris.

The court or town hall may also ask you to provide a certificate of celibacy to prove you’re legally allowed get married/enter PACS. However, this is unavailable to British Nationals, therefore you are required to send an official note as an alternative.

If you are getting married, it is compulsory to have a civil ceremony before you can have a religious ceremony. You must send your certificate of custom and official note to the court or town hall at least 6 weeks before your wedding.

Recognising Marriage/PACS in the UK

Your marriage should be recognised in the UK if you have followed the correct process according to the French law. It will also only be recognised if it would be allowed under UK law. Same-sex PACS is recognised as a civil partnership in the UK, however opposite sex PACS is not recognised in the UK.

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