Good travel accommodation on a budget

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Why are we writing a post about how to find a good travel accommodation on a budget? Because the things that cost so much on every trip that you can’t avoid are transport and accommodation. The travelling part doesn’t cost as much because you can always save money by going sightseeing and eating cheaply. But, when it comes to places to stay you kind of have to prepare your budget for it and accept that you might end up with the ones that cost a lot. These tips only apply to Airbnb stays because in most cases, places you get are good value for money.

1. Book more than a month in advance

You can say that this is a common sense but sometimes we forget and end up booking things too late. This will drive the price up and leave you with less choices. You might be able to find some good ones but it will take way more time than it needs to be.

2. If it costs so much, then cut down on filters

There is a filter button that you can use to narrow down your search. It has things like ‘free parking’, ‘kitchen’, ‘pets allowed’ and more to get features you want the accommodation to have. However sometimes putting ‘kitchen’ can drive the cost up, so what you can do is to think whether that feature is necessary then remove it if it isn’t so you can have more choices to choose from with lower prices.

Of course we recommend not removing the ‘air conditioner’ part if you’re going to a hot country… because that will be your biggest mistake.

3. Look at additional prices

Once you have looked at the place and really liking what you’re seeing, don’t forget to look at ‘Additional Prices’. What this section will include is cleaning fee, extra people and security deposit. If you don’t look at these they can drive the cost high off the roof so don’t be fooled by pretty pictures and displayed prices!

4. Try places with no reviews but with great pictures

A lot of times pictures in the Airbnb don’t lie like hotel websites do sometimes. These are advertisements from normal people like us that just happen to have an empty place for people to rent out. Doubt that a lot of them would put that much investment into hiring a photographer to take pictures of their places. I mean why would you if taking photos from your phone is easier and costs nothing?

Also some places really don’t get much reviews or at all probably because they’ve just started as a host or haven’t put their place up on the site for a while. These accommodation are actually worth looking at. Yes it’s true that reviews come from previous experiences and you would want to make sure you will have the best time there. However those reviews have to start from somewhere, right?

We once looked at a very beautiful place with great price but did not have a single review. We decided to take risks and went for it. How was the experience? It was exceptional! None of the pictures lied to us and the place we stayed beyond expectations. So judge carefully and try it out.

5. Filter down the price

The reason for doing this is to stop the temptation of booking a wallet ripping accommodation. Who else has been tempted by one? We definitely have. When you hear people say you can get just as good places for cheaper, it is the truth. Yes it will take more time to do a research therefore you should save yourself some time by filtering the price and narrowing it down.


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