How much money can you take to South Africa?

Travellers to South Africa can take up to 25,000 rand per person without having to declare it

Travellers to South Africa can take a maximum of 25,000 rand (per person) into the country. This is approximately £1,300 worth. For combinations of cash in other currencies, the limit is 10,000 US dollars or equivalent. Any more than this and you'll have to declare it at the border when you enter the country.

The currency rates change every day and the GBP value quoted above will depend on what currency supplier and exchange rate you can get when buying your travel money. It is also worth remembering that you can get a better rate online compared to your high street bank or airport exchange bureau which can often cost you 10% more when exchanging currency.

If you would like to take more than 25,000 Rand or any other foreign currency or travellers cheques which is equivalent to the same value or more then by law in South Africa you will need to declare this upon arrival to customs.

The same rule applies when you are departing the country as long as you haven't stayed in South Africa for more than 12 months and if you are taking more money out compared to when you arrived then you must also declare this.

If you need more information then, we would advise talking to the South African Embassy to clarify any questions or concerns you may have about your situation if you are planning on taking more than 25,000 Rand to South Africa for your holiday or business travel.

When you arrive in South Africa you must declare if you have any restricted or prohibited goods. If your bags are scanned or searched and you haven't declared specific items then you could face a fine or prosecution. When you declare goods a travellers declaration will be generated which you will need when departing from South Africa.

We compare the exchange rates from the UK's biggest currency providers to help you get the best South African rand exchange rate.

Adam Silveston

Adam is a writer for Compare Holiday Money.

Published on 17 March 2014
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