How much holiday money do you need for Tenerife?

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With the current lockdown due to end on 2nd December you should be able to travel again to countries that are on the UK Governments travel corridor list*. You can of course visit other countries but you will need to self-isolate for 14 days on return.

In October it was announced that the Canary Islands, namely Tenerife, Lanzarote and Gran Canaria were once again on the travel corridor list. This is great news because they are a popular winter destinations because of the mild climate. Tenerife is the largest of the Islands and if you are thinking of taking a winter break there or any of the Canary Islands and have never been there before, how much holiday money should you take with you?

In case you’re not sure you would need euros by the way and at the time of writing the exchange rate was edging upwards but the website will always show you the best deals for euros.

*Update January 2021: Since this article was published the guidance has changed and at the moment nobody can travel to any EU or many other territories except Ireland. Up to date information can always be found on the Governments foreign travel advice website.

Food and drink

Ok so like everywhere in the world there are cheap places to eat and expensive places to eat. But what is the base line? In other words, street food aside how much do you have to pay as a minimum to get a decent meal in a café or restaurant? The current consensus is around €9-10 (about £11). For a two or 3 course meal in a mid-priced restaurant you can double that.

Drinks are generally quite cheap and a lot cheaper for alcoholic drinks than the UK. A bottle of wine can be as little €3.00. A 500ml bottle of local beer is around €1.00 and a cappuccino about €1.60 (compare that to Costa in your local high street)! A small bottle of Coca-Cola is around €1.30 and a small bottle of water around €0.60.

If you are self catering then the cost of buying food for your meals is generally a little cheaper than the UK for local produce but not as cheap as mainland Spain which governs the islands. In September 2020 the cost of chicken breast for example was around €5.00 per kilo, eggs about €2.00 a dozen and a loaf of bread around €0.90. Fresh fruit and vegetables from a local market would be on a par with the UK.

If you smoke, a packet of cigs will cost you around €4.00 for branded ones


A one way ticket on public transport will cost you around €1.40. A taxi to take you to the local bars and restaurants would cost around €10.00 for a journey of 5km (3miles) and another €1.10 for every mile after that.

If you hire a car then then petrol is around €1-1.10 per litre, similar to the UK prices.

Car hire prices start from around €100.00 for a week. That should get you a fully insured 3 door Ford Fiesta or Opel Corsa. If you want a bit more comfort you could go for a Mercedes Clase A or Jeep Renegade for around €220.00 or if you really want to large it, for a mere €500.00 for a week you could be driving around in a Range Rover Sport or Mercedes Cabrio.  You’d have to be brave to risk that one. And just in case you don’t know, they drive on the wrong side of the road – well to us anyway not to them of course! Although Tenerife is the largest of the Islands you can still drive around it in about 4 hours.

Hotels and accommodation

You can find hotels for less than €40.00 per night. I found quite a few on a search but not many of them had good reviews it has to be said. But, that is the baseline: If you want a budget break you can get one. At the top end of the scale you would be paying €200.00 plus per night in a more prestigious hotel.

The prices were very similar on Airbnb. Although for €50.00 plus per night you could get a whole apartment rather than just a hotel room.


There are some great places to visit in Tenerife and they include:

  • Mount Tiede National Park. Home to a volcano which you can climb to the summit. Cost is actually free (but you do need a permit).
  • Whale Watching. You can take a whale and dolphin watching tour, usually a round a 3 hour trip. Cost is from €20-50 per person.
  • Lots of beautiful sandy beaches. Cost is free, just pay for ice cream and sunbeds etc.
  • Science and astronomy museum. Cost €5.00 per person.
  • Siam Park. A large Thai themed water park. Cost €38 Adult €26 child.
  • Visit the lava caves and tunnels in Cueva del Viento. Cost €20 adult and €8.50 child.
  • Bajamar natural pools. Cost is free.


So there is a snapshot of potential costs for your holiday in Tenerife. The other Islands of Lanzarote and Gran Canaria will be very similar. We have taken the prices from a number of websites including Numbeo, Traveltables and Cicar and all the restaurant and travel pricing is from Santa Cruz de Tenerife so probably as expensive as it gets. In other towns you may find better value. Like everywhere in the world if you move away from the main tourist areas life is better value.

Some of the Greek Islands should also be on the Governments travel corridor list when lockdown ends. These include Crete, Corfu, Rhodes and Kos. However, the weather at this time of year is not quite as good as the Canary Islands which can get into the early 20’s centigrade and have only 4 or 5 days of rain so it remains a great choice for a winter getaway. It’s worth noting  that the rules in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland may also be different but people from all areas of the UK should be able to get some international travel in this winter.

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