How much Turkish Lira spending money for Turkey

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If you are travelling to Turkey for your holiday then you will find that Turkey is one of the best value places to visit in Europe and typically the cost of everything in the country is roughly a third of what is costs here in the UK especially what with the recent strong pound against the Turkish Lira currency exchange rate as mentioned by the Telegraph’s Travel Editor Oliver Smith.

Working out how much Turkish Lira spending money you will need for Turkey will entirely depend on your accommodation circumstances such as are you going self catering, half board or fully all inclusive. Using the currency infographic from Travelex below you can typically see that the cost of food and drinks in Turkey is roughly a third of what it costs here in the UK.

How much Turkish Lira spending money for Turkey

The infographic shows the cost of a typical three course meal for two people and the price of a pint of beer and other typical purchases such as cigarettes, milk and coca cola for example. Once you have established whether you already have food and drink included in your accommodation you can begin to budget how much extra Turkish Lira spending money you will need to take to Turkey for everyday living costs whilst on holiday and any specific day trips and excursions that you have planned for you and your family.

We would advise in order to make sure that you have enough Turkish Lira currency whilst on holiday that you at least budget to the same cost of food, drinks and travel that you would normally spend whilst here in the UK. This will ensure that at least you over budget to make allowances for any emergencies or inflated prices in specific tourism locations or venues and if you return from Turkey with any left Turkish Lira currency then you can always sell currency back by comparing buy back exchange rates from all the UK’s top currency suppliers.

If you plan on using your debit or credit card whilst in Turkey then you will find plenty of cash machines to use, however, before opting to use any of your bank cards overseas please read our best debit card to use abroad and best credit card to use abroad blog posts or contact your bank or credit card provider to find out what overseas card transaction fees and cash machine withdrawals fees you will get charged as you may get charged every time you use your card and the exchange rate might also be very poor.

Finally, last year the Turkish government released a new visa system for entry into the country for British holidaymakers and in order to avoid any delays we would advise buying your visa in advance which can be done online via the FCO website. If you have any questions on how much Turkish Lira spending money to take to Turkey for your holiday then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our currency experts for assistance.

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  • Avatar Nicola Burgoyne says:

    Could you please tell me if it would be better to take sterling to turkey and exchange for lira there or is the rate about the same as here? Many thanks

  • Avatar Dan Morley says:

    Hi Nicola,

    Thanks for your question.

    This is something we are asked quite often and it is difficult to answer because we don’t have any reliable sources of exchange rate data from providers within Turkey to compare against. Usually we would recommend ordering here in the UK before you go for two reasons: 1) You will know exactly what exchange rate you are getting up-front before you order and if you use our Turkish lira comparisons you can choose the best deal from a range of providers, and 2) You can guarantee the notes you are given will be legitimate. That is not to say that buying your lira in Turkey should be avoided, but if you order before you go at least you can enjoy your holiday from the moment you arrive without having to worry about exchanging money when you get there.

    If you really want to know what the exchange rates are like ‘on the ground’ in Turkey, I would recommend you ask people that are out there already. The TripAdvisor Turkey forum is a great place to ask because it is frequented by many expats and regular travellers who know what the rates are like in all of the major towns and cities and could give you a better estimate of the deals on offer.

    I hope this helps.


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