How to collect your travel money in-store

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In 2016 Compare Holiday Money launched a unique “click and collect” comparison tool to complement the home delivery listings. For the first time in one place you could compare a range of suppliers and their exchange rates and reserve your currency online for collection at a bureau near you.

Since that time the interest and the visitors to our dedicated click and collect pages has increased year on year and so have the number of currency suppliers offering online collection facilities.  In 2019 we had over 1.5 million page views to our click and collect pages which accounted for nearly 10% of our traffic so it is becoming widely popular.

What are the benefits?

Well the most obvious is you save on delivery fees. Yes you can get some great rates for home delivery and over certain amounts there is no delivery fees but if you are going away for a weekend break and only need a couple of hundred euros for instance, you can get online rates but no delivery fees if you trot off to the high street and collect in person. It’s also helpful if you have left it too late for home delivery.

It is important to remember the motto: You must order online to get the online rate.

We have many emails and queries from people that have seen the rate online for the Post Office or Moneycorp or Tesco’s and then gone to buy their currency in-store only to find they get a much worse rate. And if you turn up the airport or train station bureau without reserving first, then you will get the worst rates available.

There are many reasons or excuses given by companies as to why they do this and we won’t debate the honesty of it. We have written on it many times but as long as you order your currency online you will get the online rate – simple!

We gave our click and collect pages a fresh new look last year and made it easier for you to find a bureau de change near you. More and more suppliers are offering this service and there are several suppliers including the supermarkets that have locations all over the country. No1 currency and eurochange for example are both companies that are thankfully committed to the high street and you can order online to collect at any of their stores and some suppliers such as Ice and Currency Online Group even have enhanced rates for collection.

How to use click and collect

Click the link at the top of the page to bring up the currency selection page then select the currency you want to buy and click the find ‘stores button’.

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Enter your location or postcode and click ‘Find stores’. This will bring up the results with the best exchange rate at the top. If you click on any of the pins you can get more information about the supplier and it’s location and you can click through and order your currency.


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