How to get better currency rates?

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Have you ever bought currency exchange money and think… this is so terrible! Well we’re about to tell you how to get better currency rates and how to not feel like you’ve been ripped off. The only things you need are a device,  a card (preferably debit card) for a payment, and yourself!

1. Buy it in advance

Treat buying a currency like purchasing a flight ticket. The sooner you get it before leaving for your trip the better rate you get. The tip here is to leave as much time as possible, a month or more would be good. It is because the closer to the time of the flight the more you would end up paying for the exchanging of the currency. And it really saves you a heart attack you would get from anticipating for the money to arrive and looking at the calendar/clock of when you need to rush to the airport.

By the way, just don’t rely on airport currency providers because the rates they give you are just outrageously bad!

2. Track that currency

We’re not saying that you have to stare at the screen to see when the rates are going up or down, but just look at it as much as you can. The currency rate fluctuates nearly everyday so if you can get it on its lower days then that’s awesome!

From the last one we established that you should leave about a month before your flight to buy the currency. For this you can easily have a glimpse at the rate possibly every day or every other day to see if it’s going down or up. Of course don’t leave it too last minute like a week before… it’s just too stressful.

3. Buy it online

You can easily find a comparison site like to find the best deals for currency exchange. Once you’ve found whichever one that is right for you, all you have to do now is click order! You can get it delivered to your home or pick it up from a shop near you (but delivery is better because who doesn’t like the convenience of someone bringing things to you instead of you going to them!). The reason for suggesting this is because it is way more difficult to get good deals than online. We could actually say more than 75% of the times people would regret even travelling to the closest post office or ‘high street’ providers to get their currency money because the rates are quite different. Besides, (again) why would you want to walk to find deals when you can just sit in your room and search for them.

4. Be careful with credit cards

Some credit cards will charge extra for interest even though you pay for the amount in full depending on a card provider’s policy. This might result in paying just as much as if you were doing a ‘walk-in’ into high street currency shops. Pretty much it’s better if you use your debit card for payments to avoid any possible charges that will make your plan on saving more money spent on your trip pointless.







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