How to take a good Selfie when travelling

How to take a good Selfie when travelling?

One great thing about having a companion with you when you travel is that you can get someone to take photos for you, whether it be just generic tourist photos or travel photography kind of photos. Also, you don’t have to be paranoid about strangers running off with your precious device when asking them to take photos for you. Besides most people you ask to take photos for you always somehow end up with super horrible ones that you don’t even know how one can manage.

This post will focus mainly on the travel photography type of photos but all of them will have YOU in them, and this won’t include using a drone because most of us humans might not be able to afford one! We will go over pros and cons as well to help you decide for yourself. So how does one manage?

1. Use a Tripod

Pros: Tripods are strong which means they’re stable and can stand on nearly anything. The benefits of carrying one of these with you is that you can position the frame and angle however you wish.

Cons: Strong and expensive tripods tend to be awkward to carry because they only fit in a big suitcase.

2. Use a flexipod

Pros: Flexipods are brilliant to take with you if you don’t like to carry too many things with you (I’m sure that’s all of us). And it can be wrapped and put onto anything. The best one to travel with to make your bag light is a flexipod for phones. They are brilliant when it comes to stability and also cause phones aren’t that heavy so this is even better.

Cons: I did take only my flexipod & a camera with me on a backpacking trip around Cornwall, and I could not tell you how much I missed my tripod.

When I wrapped it around let’s say onto a small tree it took more twists for the flexipod not to slip. Most of the time my camera would be too heavy for it that when I position it to get a specific frame, it would slide off. My camera is not even a DSLR it’s a Fujifilm so I didn’t think it would be a problem!

Their legs are really small and I’m a photographer who likes a higher angle, so that was quite a struggle to achieve. Also, when I went around the coastal areas where it was just a flat surface and a cliff, the flexipod almost became useless. I usually put it on a rock or something along that line but the angle was just not good enough.

3. Set self timer on your device + multiple shooting (with either tripod or flexipod)

On all cameras including phones there is an option for self timer and multiple shot setting so you have time to run in front of the camera and pose. This should be used with a tripod or a flexipod (unless you can put it somewhere that you can get a perfect angle) so you can adjust the angle however you like. After setting the angle, light and others, all you have to do now is set the timer (10 seconds is the most suitable), run to the spot and pose!

The tip is to take your time and enjoy the fun!  Another pros is that you get a chance to exercise (from running back and forth to see and pose for photos).

4. Use a remote for camera (with either tripod or flexipod)

If you’re tired of running around trying to take photos from self timer then having a remote for your camera would be a great option (sadly this might not be an option for phone cameras, unless you buy gadgets online then yes!). Just make sure you keep the remote hidden to make it look like you have the magic power that can control the shutter of the camera!

Cons: If you have a mobile app for the camera then it is very convenient. One thing that I find not as well with my Fujifilm mobile app is that when I recorded a video and imported it into a video editing software, the size of the footage was different from normal footage recorded without using the app. This can be fixed by changing the size but it can lower down the quality of the footage, so be aware in case this happens to other camera company’s mobile app.

5. It’s time to bring out that selfie stick!

Instead of telling you how to your photos like all tourists do, this time we’re telling you how to take one travel photography style, a style that’s inspired by the famous ‘Take me to’ photos.

This is way simpler than you think, all you have to do is flip yourself the other way and click take photos! To get it similar to ‘Take me to’ you just have to lower down the selfie stick slightly to a perspective that is not from above too much. It will be at a level of someone your height taking a photo of you by positioning the camera where their eyes are but looking down slightly. This can take sometimes to get the perfect picture since you can’t see how it looks.

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