How To Travel Cheap In Touristy Parts of Italy

Italy is not a cheap place, especially around the famous Amalfi Coast. I mean sandals for €50+?? And a dress for €100+?? And they aren’t even made by Gucci!

But like Timon and Pumba would say… “Hakuna Matata!”, there is no need to worry cause there is so many ways to stay in those expensive places for way less!

1. Accommodation

What is one thing that costs so much when you travel? It’s a place to stay in!

We went to Rome, Amalfi Coast including the island of Capri… you can imagine how much money it might involve.

But we use this trick throughout the whole trip and it’s saved us hundreds and hundreds of Euros.

Live a little further from the central areas

Just think of it this way, would you rather pay less than €30 for a week in somewhere on the outskirts of Rome or pay €50+ every day for seven days to stay in the center?

For someone with a mall budget I pick the first option! We paid an average of €24 a day to stay 30 minutes train rides away from Rome instead of paying €150 a night for a hotel in the central area.

Bargain? I think so!

And instead of staying in Amalfi or Positano, why don’t you stay in a town or village nearby where the locals live instead! You’ll get local prices and get to try local food at the same time.

Cheaper accommodation websites

Every travellers should have used Airbnb or Expedia at least once by now! Why? Cause they are the real deal! I mean we got £83 per night in an all-things-expensive island like Capri… it’s something not to miss out on!

2. Transports

Everyone recommends doing public transports or take local tours to travel to expensive places. I agree with that but this time it’s a little different.

For Rome, yes agreed that public transport is the BOMB! You can get a €24 pass for 7 days which allows you to use any public transports for however many times you wish.

For Amalfi Coast, let’s say you live in a local area you’re probably thinking ‘ugh long public transports again, here we go’.

What if I tell you that you can just pay €30 a day (a little more expensive than buses) for a car rental, would it change your mind?

You can rent out cars from bigger companies but there’s also a lot of local car rentals you’ve overlooked. You actually will get a dirt cheap price and very friendly/helpful service. The way to get it that cheap is to rent a Smartcar (consumes less fuel = less money!), because it’s the cheapest one you can get.

If you’re not bothered about how luxurious your car should look then Smartcar is the key! And admit it having your own car is SOOO much better than public transports.

What about PARKING? Well if you go really early to Positano then trust me there’s a lot of free parking on the side of the main road to Positano!

3. Food

Unfortunately Italy is not really known for their street food, they’re known for their sit-ins. Just remember this, in Italy sit-ins means more money cause cost for tables + service charge per person.

I can actually say every restaurants in Italy has this thing called ‘Coperto’ or pretty much a service charge. The different is that instead of charging by percent, they’re charging you by person and it varies from €1.5 to €3 each.

The first tip is to get a takeaway, it reduces the price down by half! The most common one to get is a takeaway pizza because firstly pizza is ALWAYS the cheapest thing on the menu, and secondly to avoid service charge.

You can just go watch the pigeons fighting for food or the sun setting while eating pizza and making sure the pigeons don’t steal it will save you a lot of money.

4. Activities

I’m gonna have to say like everyone else would say… go sightseeing! It cost you nothing and there’s plenty to see and take photos of!

To add to that, you can also go to museums cause it costs less than €15 and if you’re living in the EU and are about 18 to 24 years old then it’s about half price for you!

And one strange advice I’m gonna give is… GO FOR A DRIVE! If your plan is to see the beautiful views of the Amalfi Coast and you took my advice of renting a cheap car then go for a drive around the coast! There are areas you can stop and enjoy the view as well, it’s such a wonderful experience! We did it and the fuel bar barely moved cause you’re using a less fuel consuming car.

This is a type of sightseeing and if it doesn’t cost much, might as well do it to get the most out of your trip (FYI a day tour to Positano or Amalfi costs about €60 per person — that’s more than my car rental + fuel! And I get les freedom!).

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