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Due to the ever-changing digital landscape, the majority of us are now completely dependent on technology, particularly our mobile phones.

I for one can’t leave the house without my mobile phone. I use it to connect with social media, access online banking, make important notes, set reminders, keep up to date with my emails and even check exchange rates if I’m planning a trip away. The list goes on.

I very rarely use my laptop these days, unless I’m blogging or doing an essay for university. I think this is true for a lot of people now as mobile apps and mobile websites give us the same, if not better experience, of using your laptop – at the push of a button, right from the convenience of your pocket.

More and more mobile adapted websites are now being developed to give us a more user friendly experience. Progressively we are able to more comfortably access a range of features without any limitations for using a mobile device.

Similarly, a lot of mobile-friendly websites give users the opportunity to download their mobile app. Your phone is most likely jam-packed with them, and they give you the ability to personalise your own experience. Your preferences can be saved, you have easy access to logging in and in most cases you can influence the app into catering for you and your needs.

But which is more preferable? Do people like using mobile friendly websites to get a similar experience as to what they would on a laptop or tablet device, or do we require the personal touch that mobile apps can provide us with?

I think mobile apps are downloaded for more personal uses, such as social media, online shopping and payment accounts. In many cases they’re a lot more user friendly and easier to navigate. They’re quick to use when you’re out and about and can be easily logged into when you’re in a rush. More importantly, you can personalise them to your requirements and set up notifications to be sent to your device.

This doesn’t mean that mobile sites aren’t still depended on. In a lot of cases they offer more features and unlike mobile apps, don’t take up memory space on your phone. Mobile sites are also easier to search for online if you’re not sure what it is you’re looking for and often people will search online for the mobile site before proceeding to download the app.

Both mobile apps and mobile sites are useful for different reasons, but which do you prefer to use? Mobile- friendly websites or mobile apps? We’ve put together a quick survey so you can let us know your thoughts. Click here to complete.

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Jade Taylorson

Jade is Journalism graduate from the University of Central Lancashire. She is a freelance Travel Blogger for Compare Holiday Money, and Online Production Journalist for ITV Border News.

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