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We’ve all heard, if not experienced, the horror stories of being stranded without money abroad. None of us go on holiday with the intention of losing money, or having our cards blocked for an expected transaction abroad, and even fewer of us know the best way to deal with the unexpected.

Fortunately, with the growing age of technology, there are more and more ways to prevent any money mishaps from happening. One of the newest arrivals is the Monzo card and banking app, which we have recently added to our site.

Previously named Mondo, Monzo is a contactless prepaid MasterCard with zero fees on international transactions, free and instant transfers to other Monzo users, and 24/7 world-class support.

The app works alongside the card so that you can take control. From the app,  you can top up the card from your phone and if you loose your card you can simply freeze it from the app without having to make a single call.

Monzo provides you with instant spending notifications, allowing you to budget and make the most of your travels. You won’t be limited for use as Monzo can be used (contactless) at cash machines and both in-store and online.

Your transactions may be declined because of reason’s out of Monzo’s reach, but one useful thing to remember is that there is a maximum daily ATM transaction of £250.

Organising your travels can be stressful and a big bonus with Monzo is that you don’t have to remember to notify them when you are going abroad. Your card won’t be blocked for spending on holiday and you won’t be charged when you do!

Overall, the card is simple to use, and more of an extra pair of helping hands added to your wallet or purse than a burden to your checklist.

This card is a must-have for travellers who are always on the go, to help you manage your spending and keep your money safe – not forgetting the extra travel benefits.

In the future, Monzo is set to offer a free UK current account, account number and sort codes, overdrafts FSCS protection and direct debits and standing orders.

There are currently thousands of people on the waiting list for a Monzo card, but you can sign up yourself via our website by clicking here and skip thousands of people already in the queue.

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Jade Taylorson

Jade is Journalism graduate from the University of Central Lancashire. She is a freelance Travel Blogger for Compare Holiday Money, and Online Production Journalist for ITV Border News.

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