Most Useful 2019 Travel Gadgets

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Are you planning to travel anytime soon? Or is it nearly time for you to start packing? You might want to check these extremely useful travel gadgets of 2019.

1. Portable Wifi Hub

This is something you need for any trips where your phone data doesn’t cover. For anyone who has UK phone plans, a lot of service providers have coverage for a lot of countries in Europe. However, once you’re outside of the continent, it becomes a bit problematic.

If you’re heading to just one country, you can easily buy a SIM card for more money than usual. Although, if you’re planning to visit multiple, having a portable wifi hub would be way more convenient.

These wifi hubs will connect to local 4G in more than 100 countries, and allows up to 5 devices to use the wifi. Most companies offer a daily rate or a pay-as-you-go option to make it more convenient.

2. Luggage Scales

This luggage scale is a lifesaver before you check in and board the flight (mostly on the way back). All flights have a luggage weight limit and you have to pack just about the allowed weight, otherwise you’d have to pay extra.

It wouldn’t be ideal to discover that your bag is overweight at the airport because you’d have to sort out all the stuff quickly by the check in before the desk closes. That would be anyone’s nightmare.

However, that can be avoided by weighing your luggage with a handheld luggage scale to help you estimate how heavy your bag is before leaving your house.

3. Worldwide Adapter

A worldwide adapter will save you from having to buy an adapter for every country you visit and it will last you for years and years. It is an all-in-one , universal travel adapter that can be used for any country in the world.

This handy gadget will become your best friend when you forget to buy an adapter before you board the flight and realise your device is about to run out of battery.

4. Solar Power Bank

How many times have you forgot to charge your power bank? We’ve done it all the time. The gadget is useful but we just end up charging our phones first and the power bank would just slip our minds.

If you do the same, then you should pack yourself a solar portable charger so you will always have some back up battery no matter where you go. Just attach it to a backpack so it can absorb sunlight and have enough battery for when your phone doesn’t.

This travel gadget works especially well when you’re traveling to a hot, sunny destination.

5. Sand-free Mat

Oh my god, this is so perfect for everybody who loves beaches and just can’t stand sands. We’re talking sands on your feet after a dip in the water and sands on a mat you’ve prepared.

There is a mat that allows sands, dust and dirt to fall through downwards, so you can enjoy a little picnic by the beach, dirt-free.

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