How much Euro spending money for Amsterdam in the Netherlands

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Jade has recently posted two great articles on her New Year trip to Amsterdam, you can find them  here and here. To follow up on those I thought I would cover how much you should budget for your own trip if you were concidering one either in the upcoming school half term or over easter. It is hard to give budget figure further forward than that as with the Article 50 announcement looming we really cannot say how it is going to effect the value of the Pound.

As Jade says Amsterdam is a city to be explored and luckily enough it has one of the cheapest public transport systems of any european capital city. The only thing to really avoid is the Taxi network as this relatively expensive. A taxi is likely to cost you about £3 a mile rounding figures off (€2.20 per Km).

You are going to find a lot of trade offs like that; alcohol and tobacco are cheaper than here in the UK but food is more expensive. A Big Mac meal in the UK is £4.29 in Amsterdam it is €7 (£6.10 approximately)


Below are two images. The first is taken from the AirBnB website and shows the range of prices of accommodation in London for the Thursday to Monday Easter weekend. The second shows exactly the same weekend in Amsterdam.

Map of London showing a selection of accommodation prices

A selection of AirBnB prices in London

A map showing a selction of AirBnB prices in Amsterdam

A selection of AirBnB prices in Amsterdam

I would suggest that you are looking at roughly double or triple the price for accommodation.

If we exclude accommodation, you often pay for this in advance rather than out of your spending money budget then all in all I don’t really think Amsterdam is that much more expensive than London and you should budget accordingly.

A boat tour of the canals is going to cost you something like €20, museums range from €12 to €20. The world famous Anne Frank house is one of the cheapest at just €9. All prices are per person and there are concessions normally for under 18s which is more generous than I am used to.

There are some brilliant websites for planning your trip to Amsterdam. Most of the prices I have quoted here I have got from which is an excelent resource if you are planning a trip.

I cannot finish without reiterating the importance of buying your travel money in advance. That in itself will save upwards of 10% of your entire holiday budget compared to walking in off the street to your bank or worse still leaving it until the airport. You can check the Euro exchange rate on our Euro comparison page.


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