The new and smart ways to find accommodation abroad

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One of the most integral parts of any stay overseas is organising where you are planning to stay.  Searching for affordable hotels or great locations for villas can make or break any decision on a destination. If the price of staying in a city is too expensive, you are probably going to head for somewhere cheaper or sacrifice the number of nights there.

But thanks to the advancement of technology and it becoming easier than ever to find a better deal, you are sure to find a good deal wherever you are planning to head on travels if you are smart.

It is important to bear in mind that some package holidays are better priced for all-inclusive holidays than paying separately. But for some people, they feel packaged holidays don’t give you the opportunity to see & experience the culture of a place.

Here are some useful sites and apps that may help when planning a holiday or business stay in a foreign country:


On ad breaks on multiple channels in the UK, the service that the website and app provides is surprisingly helpful. If you’re planning on going to a particular place, the booking site will show the cheapest prices for particular hotels. Saving customers both money and time searching on foreign websites for better deals.


Airbnb is a multi-national application that links with homeowners with tourists. It can mean that visitors can stay in somebody’s home for a selected period of time in destinations across the world. This works well if you want to live in the heart of a city or escape to the countryside. Whatever your reason, staying in an Airbnb can help you to feel like a local in a foreign country.


Renowned for the ability to find cheap flights, whilst searching you can also combine searching for transport with hotels and car hire. This makes planning holidays have the appearance of package holidays, while still having the independence of what you want to do on your trip.


A new type of app for booking hotels from America. Hotels that have signed up to Recharge, offer an alternative way of paying for a place to stay. Instead of paying per night/day, you pay for the number of minutes you need the room. So whether it be a quick nap before a flight or place to drop off stuff on a business trip, the app is perfect for short stays in hotels.

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