New Year In Bangkok, Thailand

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What did you guys do this new year?

Thailand has been one of the most popular new year destinations in South East Asia for a while, and the places most people head to are either Bangkok or Chiang Mai. This is because Bangkok malls like Siam Paragon, Central World and (recently built) Icon Siam because they have the best decorations, performances and beautiful fireworks.

However, not every place is perfect but to avoid any disappointments we have made this post to tell you about the experience we had in the capital city.


Get photos taken at Central World or Icon Siam

Central World has been hosting Christmas and new year event for quite a while so they won’t disappoint anyone. They would have the front area decorated in Christmas theme, having a big Christmas tree right in the centre, reindeer’s and countless other things lit up for night time visits.

If you want beautiful photos without having to tackle with people just to get good shots then you should head there about a week before. Guarantee that you will get the whole space all to yourself.

Enjoy live performances at Siam Paragon

The whole new year eve will involve a lot of walking. But don’t worry, the roads around there connecting these malls together will be closed for visitors to be able to walk without worrying about traffic.

Siam Paragon has been known as the main shopping centre in central Bangkok. It’s also because the skytrain platform of Siam stop links directly to the mall itself. They never hosted new year or Christmas until recently to compete with the neighbouring malls. In front of it will have dance performances and the main stage for live concert featuring 3 popular artists afterwards.

However, don’t spend all of your time there… keep reading to find out why.

Get late night food at Siam Paragon

One thing that is great about Siam Paragon is that it’s food court will be opened until the countdown is over, this wasn’t the case for Central World. So maybe after watching some performances, you can grab a quick snack then head over to either Central World or Icon Siam. The closest one to Siam Paragon is Central World, which is about 15 minutes walk.


Countdown at either Central World or Icon Siam

Any visitors who have come to Bangkok for a new year countdown and post on their social media before 2019 then they were at Central World. It is the iconic one for Bangkok new year’s celebration. However, there is now a competition for this special event firework display to see who can host the best one. And it seems that Icon Siam is becoming more popular.

Icon Siam is a new mall that just opened in late 2018 and everyone who has visited there was just amazed by how elegant and beautiful it looks. Icon Siam is located right by Chaopraya river and they would host a new year countdown by displaying fireworks over the river. It’s definitely a sight to see.

But if you’re thinking to stick around Siam Paragon for a countdown after performances… take our words and don’t do it. Unless there has been a proof of a major change then yes go for it but otherwise, don’t. That’s what we thought and it was a disappointment for thousands of people there. At the end there was no fireworks, just some sparkling fire near the stage and THAT IS IT. You could hear the fireworks but they were coming from Central World not Siam Paragon itself. Just walk 15 minutes over to the other mall and safe yourself a disappointing start to your year.



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