Top tips to avoid jet lag

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One of the worst things about coming back from a nice trip is jet lag. That sluggish feeling is common after entering a country with a completely different timezone. However, many people claim to have cures which prevent them from feeling dreary. I’ve collated some of the best responses that may help frequent travellers.

What is jet lag?

According to the NHS Choices, “Jet lag refers to a range of symptoms experienced while adapting to a different light-dark schedule following a flight to a new time zone.”

The most severe jet leg occurs when somebody crosses 7 – 12 timezones. Typical journeys from the UK that cross these number of timezones include the USA, Australia and Japan.

Different timezones around the world

Jet lag can cause you to struggle to sleep and night and make you feel fatigued during the day. This is due to your body not being acclimatised once you’ve changed time.

It is important to bear in mind that it is common after long-haul flights, but changing timezones by a couple hours doesn’t usually affect you. That tired feeling is probably just travel fatigue.

You can never entirely avoid jet lag!

Jet lag is common due to people’s bodies having to acclimatise to the new timings. Certain actions can make jet lag seem a lot worse than it actually is. But there are certain steps people can take to make the fatigue seem manageable.

What can make jet lag easier?

One of the best ways to avoid feeling sluggish and tired on arrival is to prepare the body for the inevitable change in times. If you’re travelling east, go to bed an hour earlier. For travelling west, do the opposite and go an hour later. This is taking a small step so that the body is ready for the next destination. It goes without saying that you should always make sure you’ve got enough sleep before your flight.

There are certain things that you shouldn’t eat or drink before, during or after your arrival. Caffeine intake should be reduced so your body can adjust, as well as avoiding alcohol to prevent your body from feeling sluggish. Another tip is to avoid heavy meals and go for balanced meals full of nutritious goodness.

One slightly alternative tip from Naomie Harris is to make yourself feel grounded. The actress is a frequent flyer and has her alternative methods to having jet lag reduced:

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#homesweethome and loving it!!! Nowhere beats #London in summer!! Got off the plane and did my two 'absolute musts' post flying… an oxygen facial (thank you @elemis !!), and grounding… the best way to get in sync with a new time zone is to whip your shoes and socks off and connect with the earth for a good 20 -45 minutes!! Do that whenever you fly and it’ll help your #jetlag !! #grounding #earthing

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She believes that the best to get over jet lag is to make yourself feel grounded. Whether this works is up for discussion, but it may be something that’s worth considering.




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