Post Office Flash Sale

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The Post Office are not the best provider that we feature and certainly not the most competitive and they don’t have the best reviews but they are one of the most popular and take way more of the market share than their rates would suggest. This is because we all know the Post Office and generally trust them. Many of you have not ordered courrency online before and would prefer to go with a familiar brand than an unknown. Others like the option of being able to pick up their currency in a branch, probably near where you work rather than having a signed for parcel sent to your home address. Whatever the reason the Post Office remains on of the most commonly used currency providers.

So right now the rates are not brilliant, they have been falling almost continuously for the past month. Anything that imporvies the rate you are offered is a good thing. Today the Post Office are ahving a 24hr sale that started at 8am today and goes through until 8am tomorrow morning (Wednesday 27th). The sale is only on Euros and US Dollars (often these sales cover the top eight currencies but not this time)

So the important thing is that these rates are only live for the 24hrs. If you are ready to buy your currency and you are thinking of using the Post Office then today is the time to do it. Secondly but equally importantly is that these are online only rates. You will not get these rates in the post office branch and most likely the staff in the branches may not even know about the sale. You can still order the currency online for collection from a branch but you cannot walk into a branch and expect to buy at these rates.

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Posted by Peter Rudin-Burgess

Peter Rudin-Burgess

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