Post Office Travel Money Card Flash Sale

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The Post Office is running one of their short notice Flash Sales this week. The company are offering a sale this time on their very own Travel Money Card.

The card offers improved rates on 13 currencies including the Euro, Dollar, Turkish Lira and UAE Durham.

Not only is the card valid for four years, but it also can be used in shops around the world that take mastercard payment.

Using prepaid currency cards are an effective way of controlling money without having to carry around vast amounts of cash. Money can be withdrawn at ATM’s across the world with the ability to top up and check balances on the Post Office’s mobile app.

There are improved rates when you apply for a new Travel Money Card this week. The sale is on until tomorrow (11th may) so be sure to have a look if you’re a frequent traveller or going to multiple destinations.

For more information on Pre-Paid Currency Cards, how they work and the sort that the suppliers we have on Compare Holiday Money, check out the link HERE.

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