Post Office Travel Money Euro Card Exchange Rates Infographic

Travel Money Cards are becoming more and more popular as they offer convenience and security for your Travel Money when travelling overseas. As we all know the Post Office is a well known Travel Money brand both on the high street and online and when it comes to the most traded currencies around the World the Euro is the second most traded currency behind the US Dollar.

If you are considering a Euro Travel Money Card for your holiday this year then you might be interested in checking the Exchange Rates of Travel Money Cards before you order one. For example, if you take the Post Office Travel Money Card Plus currency card then you might be surprised at the Euro Exchange Rate offered when compared with using Euro Travel Money Cash from an alternative supplier.

Post Office Travel Money Card Plus – Euro Exchange Rates

Post Office Travel Money Euro Card Exchange Rates Infographic - Post Office Travel Money Card Plus - Euro Exchange Rates

As you can see the Post Office Travel Money Card Plus Euro Exchange Rate is 1.2280 when ordering £1000 in Euros travel spending money which in return gets you 1228 Euros.  Now, if you compare the Pound to Euro Exchange Rate with both online Travel Money suppliers and high street Travel Money suppliers using our Buy Currency comparison tables you will see that you can get a much better Euro Exchange Rate in cash as follows:

Online Pound to Euro Travel Money Cash Exchange Rates

Post Office Travel Money Euro Card Exchange Rates Infographic - Online Pound to Euro Exchange Rates

As you can see the best online Pound to Euro Travel Money Cash Exchange Rate at the top of the Buy Currency comparison table is 1.2619 which when ordering £1000 in Euros travel spending money gets you in return 1261.90 Euros with Free Delivery to your home address or even through Click and Collect Currency if that supplier has a local branch to you.

The difference through the above comparison of both the Post Office Travel Money Card Plus and the Travel Money Cash Euro Exchange Rates is 33.90 Euros which could easily be a lunch out for two people when they are on holiday in Europe.

Now, if you are interested in how Euro Travel Money Cash, Euro Travel Money Cards and UK Debit and Credit Cards generally compare when spending money in a restaurant or from withdrawing Euros from a cash machine overseas in Europe then the following Infographic easily explains the difference in more detail for you:

Euro Travel Money Cash vs Euro Travel Money Card vs UK Debit Card and Credit Card

Post Office Travel Money Euro Card Exchange Rates Infographic

Although, it seems Travel Money Cards are becoming more popular it appears that good old Travel Money Cash still holds a lot of value when compared with Exchange Rates and all the associated fees of using card payments overseas in Europe.

This might be something that gradually changes in years to come, but if you are travelling to Europe then Travel Money Cash will still give you more money in your pocket for spending on holiday providing you shop around in advance for the best Euro Exchanges Rates whether you choose to use Travel Money Cash or Travel Money Cards.

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2 Replies to “Post Office Travel Money Euro Card Exchange Rates Infographic”

  1. I am not a money whizz kid or some one who knows a lot about what is best to buy in regards to holiday money, so I am asking you what advice you can give regarding buying Turkish Lira for GBP for my holidays..
    Am I better buying Lira or euro or should I get a card with cash on it, where not going until May 2017 a long way off yet but I noticed that the Lira is rising so should I buy now or wait .
    I want to get £3000 so if I think you are offering a good deal I would do as you advise,thank you.

    Kind regards

  2. Hi Bernard,

    Thank you for your comment.

    If you are heading to Turkey next year you will need to take Turkish lira with you, not Euros. There are no dedicated Turkish lira currency cards so it will be better (cheaper) for you to take your lira in cash rather than loading it onto a prepaid card. The good news is Turkish lira are widely stocked by all major currency providers which means you should be able to get a great rate with a little shopping around. Take a look at our Turkish lira travel money page to see the best UK deals at the moment.

    As for when and where you should buy – our general advice is that you should buy your currency here in the UK before you travel so you can be sure of the exchange rate you will receive. If you leave your currency until you arrive in Turkey you may be restricted on where you can buy and / or be given a lower exchange rate. At least if you buy in the UK you will know in advance exactly what rate you will receive and you can be confident that the notes you receive will be genuine and high quality.

    As you are not travelling until May 2017 you have plenty of time to buy (we recommend you order no later than 4 working days before you travel) but I’m afraid I cannot advise on whether you should buy now or later because I don’t know how the exchange rate will change during this time. My best advice would be to keep an eye on the exchange rate like you have been doing, and buy your lira when you think it has reached a good point relative to the past.

    You are already on track to get the best possible lira rate by visiting this website. We work with the UK’s top currency providers to bring you the best deals, and with £3000 to spend you will automatically qualify for free home delivery on your order.

    Good luck with your purchase and I hope you have a fantastic holiday in Turkey next year!

    Kind regards,

    Dan Morley

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