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As you may know, here at Compare Holiday Money we are proud sponsors of Guide Dogs, a UK charity. Our sponsor enables puppies to transform into valuable Guide Dogs – the work that the charity does to provide companions for people with sight loss is hugely admirable. If you are a regular reader of our blog, you may be wondering how Immie is getting on.

Unfortunately, Immie had been experiencing some anxiety and distraction throughout her training. Of course, you can understand that it is vital that Guide Dogs must have flawless attention when they are accompanying their owners. For that reason, we have been informed that Immie has been withdrawn from the Guide Dog training programme.

This decision was not taken lightly, as the charity put extra care into building Immie’s confidence and focus. Unfortunately, Immie did not show much progression as she still struggled with her nerves. The decision to withdraw Immie from the programme was in her best interest, as well as her potential future owner.

What is next  for Immie?

The charity works alongside Assistance Dogs UK, where some dogs further their working career. However this was not the case for Immie, as her anxiety and focus levels just aren’t up to scratch. So for now, Immie is staying with her walker, Laura. The charity has a great home in mind for Immie, but for now she is just enjoying time with Laura.

We will continue to sponsor the puppies at Guide Dogs UK, and the good news is that we will be sponsoring Irvine, who is Immie’s brother! Keep an eye on the blog for future pupdates.

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Holly Burgess

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