Russian currency, Russian dolls and World cup football

Russian dolls

Russian Currency

With the FIFA world cup nearly upon us we thought we could give you a little insight into the currency of Russia and other quite important things like where and when the games are being held and Russian dolls.

Russian currency is the ruble ( sometimes rouble) shorthand RUB, which is subdivided into 100 kopeks. Although, like most currencies  it has had a turbulant history that mirrors the countries history, it is one of the worlds oldest National currencies after the pound sterling.

At the time of writing GBP to RUB exchange rates were around 79.000 which means £10.00 is about R790. It will be interesting to see how the football world cup event will affect the pound to ruble exchange rate and if you are interested you can find an updated  7 and 90 day history on our dedicated Russian ruble page.  Here you will also find the best deals on this currency if you are visiting Russia for the World cup or anything else.

World Cup Football

The football itself starts on Thursday 14th June at the Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow with Russia playing Saudia Arabia and finishes on 15th July with England winning the World cup in the same stadium (or maybe another team)!

The Graphic from The Mail Online below shows the key venues:

map of football world cup venues in Russia

Normally, a visa is needed for a visit to Russia but for the football World cup a FAN ID is required. This is the information from the official FIFA world cup website:

The FAN ID provides visa-free entry to Russia for foreign citizens that have purchased 2018 FIFA World Cup match tickets. Such fans will be able to enter and remain in the country during the period that starts ten (10) days before the first match and ends ten (10) days after the last match of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. Please note, that a FAN ID will be also required to leave Russia once it had been used for visa-free entry purposes. For more detailed information, please visit

The FAN ID entitles holders to use certain free transport services, including inter-city trains and public transport in the host cities upon presentation of a FAN ID card and a 2018 FIFA World Cup match ticket. For more information and the conditions for using free transport, please refer to and

Much more detailed information about the football, travel and Russia itself can be found on the official FIFA website.

Russian Dolls

Russian nesting dolls or Matryoshka dolls as they are known, might have nothing to do with currency or football unless of course you exchange your hard-earned Russian currency for one when you visit the country. They are are well known across the world as a toy or souvenir and have not changed since the first one was made in 1890 by Vasily Zvyozdochkin.
In Russia they come in many shapes and sizes and images including the faces of all the recent leaders of the country President Putin among them! Whether or not Russian Dolls with images of footballers are produced I’m not sure but if you go to the World cup and find one I would love a picture!

Russia looks like an amazing place to visit and whatever the headlines in the news they have a country of wonderful history and culture. One award winning website always worth checking out is Real Russia , it will make you want to go, football or not – trust me.




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