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That could be an advert for TriVaGo but it isn’t. In fact the man in those adverts is so creepy I don’t want to even go to the same websites as him. I see so many promotional messages offering voucher codes for 10% off or other small savings but ultimately all of these make no really significant difference to the cost of a holiday. The question is; is a holiday like a house where the three most important criteria are location, location and location or is the destination not important compared to the ‘experience’ by which I mean, if you want to relax in the sun on a beach would almost any beach do?

Given that average temperatures are a result of the degrees latitude of a place more than anything else you do not really want to go north for a beach holiday with guaranteed sun. For a beach holiday there are a lot of places that you could choose that are not necessary the first places you would think of, the Guardians top 10 beaches included Lithuania and Poland for example. Your money will go a lot further in Poland than it would in Spain.

If you find lakes, forests and mountains relaxing then almost every country in the world has those and would welcome you and your money. Some of the world’s most beautiful scenery is in Croatia or Bulgaria.

All of the countries I have mentioned have regular  easyjet and BA flights so getting there is not any more of a problem than any other destination and every aspect of your holiday will probably be cheaper than it would be in more traditional places.

Why not have a look at some of the great blogs and photos at

If you have tried going off the beaten track did it work for you?

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