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I thought I would concentrate on special offers that are aimed at under £300 this time. I admit that £300 is not exactly the most popular price point but by the time you have got to and from the airport, paid for your airport parking, maybe hired a car at the other end and paid all the other additions that you cannot avoid a £300 deal is likely to be a £500 holiday.

So what is on offer? How about an Easter break in St Petersburg? 4 nights at a 4 star hotel is on offer from Opodo from £294. How about 3 nights in March at a 4 star hotel in Istanbul from £218 also from Opodo?

These two alone prove there are so good deals available even down at this end of the budget scale. You can also check out British Airways Diamond Jubilee special offers for some brilliant offers for those with deeper pockets. They are offerig discounts on holidays to St Lucia, Barbados, Miami and Lisbon.

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