Stansted Airport Currency Exchange Rates

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Stansted Airport is the fourth busiest airport in the UK for Total Passenger Numbers and very close behind Manchester Airport as the third busiest airport in the UK. In fact, the growth rate of Stansted Airport was almost double of Manchester Airport last year.

What with Stansted Airport becoming more popular for passengers this means that the demand for other services at the airport will increase including the requirement for last minute Currency Exchange services. At Stansted Airport the exclusive Foreign Exchange Company is Moneycorp.

Earlier this year Compare Holiday Money launched its own exclusive Click and Collect Currency Exchange Rate Comparison service which includes all the major airports in the UK and high street Travel Money suppliers to help consumers get the best deal on Currency Exchange Rates at the last minute before leaving for their holiday.

So, if you are flying from Stansted Airport and you are looking to buy Travel Money then our advice will always be to check Currency Exchange Rates Online before you consider buying at the airport. As we have demonstrated in previous blog posts with regards to Gatwick Airport, Heathrow Airport and Manchester Airport that you can always save more money and therefore get more travel spending money in your pocket if you can find better exchange rates online.

How To Click and Collect Currency From Stansted Airport…


Using our new Click and Collect Currency comparison service and tables you can search for the currency that you require either from the Airport you are flying from or from your local Postcode to find the best exchange rates or nearest travel money stores to you. The search results will then be presented in the above map form including a comparison table below this for your choosing.

However, the Click and Collect Currency Exchange Rates for Stansted Airport are not the cheapest and the best to go by. We have found time and time again that online Foreign Exchange Companies offer the best exchange rates which in most cases includes Free Delivery to your home address, if you have at least a week of spare time before you leave for your holiday.

Stansted Airport Currency Exchange Rates vs Online Foreign Exchange Companies…


Using today’s Euro Exchange Rates for Moneycorp at Stansted Airport, which was highlighted in the above Click and Collect Currency map from Stansted Airport, the Sterling to Euro Exchange Rate on offer was 1.0853.

Now, if you compare this with all our Online Foreign Exchange Companies for the Sterling to Euro Exchange Rate as above in the Euro Currency Comparison Table, the best Exchange Rates on offer for the Euro was in fact better at 1.1083 from Travel FX at the top.

So, for example, if you were taking £1000 in Euro Currency as spending money for your holiday, which is what the Sterling to Euro Exchange Rates are based on, then you would get an extra 23 Euros  in your pocket if you were to buy your Euro Currency online rather than from Stansted Airport.

This extra travel spending money could go towards a lunch out or a ticket into an attraction that you would like to visit. Our advice to consumers is always to buy your Travel Money in advance and ideally at least one week ahead of your departure date.

If you find that you don’t have enough time for delivery to your home address then always check the Click and Collect Currency comparison service and tables as you might find better local exchange rates when compared with the Airport you are flying from. We have found that most consumers can save up to 10% or in some cases on some currencies even more when compared with Online Foreign Exchange Companies versus Last Minute Currency Purchases From The Airport.

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