The List of Don’ts When Traveling

Right I did say I will upload the ‘Donts’ video and here it is!

What can you think about that you shouldn’t do when traveling?
-don’t over pack
-don’t visit dangerous countries
-don’t trust everyone you meet

Yes everyone who says that does has a point but these are the don’ts from my point of view…

Don’t judge a country by its news

How many times have you heard all the negative things about a country on the news and social media… well I would say don’t entirely believe those news.

Why is this a don’t?

Because by doing that you’re just judging a book by its cover. News mostly bring up a lot of bad stuff because it attracts a lot of attention. They’re relying on the effectiveness of negative Word of Mouth in which anything negative gets spread from people to people faster. Sadly those news end up representing a country as a whole, that should never be the case!

Because think about it, how many times have you read something negative about a country but find so many videos from people who actually have visited the country and said ‘it’s actually pretty nice here!’? … I would say a lot!

There’s so many bad news about the world but it doesn’t mean you should use that as a representation of what our world is like currently. What we’re trying to say is yes be aware of your surrounding and be careful but don’t let the news be what you think the whole country is all about. As this has been proven by so many travel bloggers that it is not always the case1

Don’t listen to other people’s bad experiences

This one is similar to the other one but this definitely should be a don’t because not everybody has the same experience from the same place. Like I would say I really love British Columbia and will want to spend the rest of my life there but other people might not say the same thing. This is because we are all different and that’s what make us an individual. Can any of these opinions be wrong? I would say no because everyone’s allowed to have opinions and others should respect that!

Don’t hold back

This is what I find most important to me because you shouldn’t be scared of anything. Traveling is something that takes courage because you’re going to a completely different place where you might not know anyone or anything about it. You might travel to Europe because it’s closer to the UK or it’s got a similar culture or your family members might live there but I’d say don’t be afraid and don’t hold back. If you want to travel to South Africa then do it even if the news scare you, even if your family tells you it’s dangerous… just don’t hold back and go for it. And the thing is you won’t know what the country is really like until you get there, just like what everyone always says… you won’t know it until you do it.

Remember, life is short so go out there and see places and live while you can.

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Mink Borwornsenee

Mink is a student at Falmouth University who is passionate about food and travel. She runs a travel blog and enjoys writing and vlogging about her experiences.

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