The Pound vs The Euro Exchange Rate Over The Last Year

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The year 2015 has mostly certainly been a good year for the Pound vs the Euro Exchange Rate especially in the summer when the Pound reached 1.4217 against the Euro Exchange Rate in July 2015. This was welcomed news for all British Holidaymakers looking to go on holiday to Europe for the School Summer Holidays.

The Pound vs The Euro Exchange Rate Over The Last Year

The Pound vs The Euro Exchange Rate Over The Last Year

However, this is not the highest the Pound vs the Euro Exchange Rate has ever been as back in 2007 literally just before the financial crash of 2008 the Pound against the Euro reached 1.5225 and therefore could 2016 be the year that we see the Euro Exchanges Rates improve even more for British Holidaymakers.

Travel Money Outlook for 2016

In a recent blog post we featured a New Report from ABTA on the Holiday Habits of British Consumers which detailed holiday spending trends and habits of 2015 and the potential outlook for 2016. It certainly seems that there is a chance that the Euro could improve even more for British Holidaymakers in 2016 which will make purchasing Travel Money even more attractive.

Along with the ongoing terrorist threat throughout Europe this could potentially force the Euro to decline even more as Tourism based countries try to lure people to take holidays in their countries rather than holiday at home. The question is will the Travel Money Exchange Rates improve enough on other currencies like the US Dollar, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar or even the Mexican Peso to entice families to take long haul holidays instead of European holidays.

The Pound vs The Euro Exchange Rate Since Compare Holiday Money Launched

Compare Holiday Money was launched back in 2011 to help all UK consumers to compare Travel Money and to find the best Exchange Rates online without having to go around all the Banks and High Street Currency Suppliers to find the best deal. Since our launch in 2011 and as you can see above in the Pound vs The Euro Exchange Rate Graph above from 2011 to 2015, you can see that the Pound against Euro has gradually improved over the years especially as the UK economy has continued to recover.

The difference between the lowest Euro Exchange Rate which was 1.1303 vs the highest Euro Exchange Rate which was 1.4217 is 0.2914. If you were taking £1000 on holiday with you this equates to an extra 291.40 Euros which certainly makes a big difference when you are looking at spending money for your holiday to Europe.

How Much is the Pound Worth When Spending The Euro in Europe

Despite the Euro Exchange Rate being the same for every Euro Currency accepting country in Europe you might like to know how much is the Pound worth when spending the Euro in different countries around Europe. The Travel Money Supplier Travelex have the following Infographic which explains a little more in detail how far the Pound and Euro will go in different countries like Spain, Italy and France in comparison to the UK, Turkey and even China:

How Much is the Pound Worth When Spending The Euro in Europe - Travelex Infographic

Not only are British Holidaymakers now able to save much more in recent years due to the great Euro Exchange Rates, if you choose to go to the right country in Europe you can certainly save even more Euro Travel Money on every day spending, such as meals out at Restaurants and the cost of Beer for example.

If you are looking to go to Spain or Italy please check out our detailed blog posts on How Much Spending Money for Spain and How Much Spending Money for Italy you will ideally need from our very own experiences of visiting these countries.

But the learning on how to save on the Pound vs The Euro Exchange Rate doesn’t stop there. If you are considering using a Debit Card Abroad or a Credit Card Abroad or even a Euro Currency Card you might be interested to understand how much the Euro Travel Money is worth when using all these payment solutions versus just good old Euro Currency Cash.

The following GBP to Euro Exchange Rate Infographic Guide details the value of good old cash when spending Euros in a Restaurant or withdrawing Euros from an ATM whilst on holiday in Europe:

GBP to Euro Exchange Rate Infographic Guide

Special Offers on Euro Exchange Rates

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