The Things To Do When Traveling

Traveling can be so much fun because you get to try new and tasty food, take photos in each country’s famous spots, and just have fun and be free. But besides all those cool things you get to do, there are a lot of stuff you need to be aware or careful of since each country has its own culture, way of living and many more.

These are the list of what to do:

1. Do research of clothing you shouldn’t wear

Yes it makes sense that you want to wear shorts and a tank top in a hot country but be careful of where you can wear just that.

Here are some examples. In Mallorca, Spain you can be fine up to £500 if you wear swimsuits, bikinis and such on the street. And if you don’t cover yourself up according to the Islamic dress codes in Iran you will then be fined to the maximum penalties.

So ladies no short shorts and gentlemen no going out topless.

2. Do avoid looking like a tourist
This is for your own safety because thieves and pickpocketers are out and about everywhere you go.

To do this just ditch all your expensive stuff like diamond rings, golden necklaces, and such, try not to bring them with you unless you’re a travel blogger who needs her camera and a phone no matter where she goes… *smiles*

But the more expensive things you have the more chance of you being a target of the thieves. Don’t believe me ask Kim Kardashian and her experience in Paris.

Also when a thief sees someone holding a map looking lost then they know instantly that you are their next target. So do whatever you can to not look lost or out of place.

3. Do be respectful to the locals
Respect is everything and you don’t want to be looked at like… “ugh another disrespectful tourists.” Trust me the locals do get fed up of that in every country that exist and you don’t want to end up with hateful stares wherever you go. Don’t catcalling girls in Southeast Asia thinking they will play along or they don’t know English cause that’s very disrespectful! Have you heard of the phrase “if you’re nice to people, people will be nice to you”? Ya these words are wise, so listen to them.

The best thing to do is to not follow Logan Paul’s example… yes this news is so last year but I’m trying to make a point here.

4. Do watch some travel videos and read travel blogs
Not to promote anything but a vlog like 5 Things To Know About Germany on our channel does give helpful tips about a country so you won’t be too lost when you’re in it. And many more travel advice and tips from travel websites and blogs are what I find most helpful because they just make me feel like an expert about the world but most importantly they warn me about things I should be aware of before jumping on the plane. Or pretty much do your research.


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Mink Borwornsenee

Mink is a student at Falmouth University who is passionate about food and travel. She runs a travel blog and enjoys writing and vlogging about her experiences.

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