Things to do in Turkey on holiday

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With the Summer Holiday’s fast approaching, now has never been a better time to book a trip to one of the top destinations annually for a vacation.

Turkey offers plentiful things to do when in the country whether you’re after a city break, relaxing vacation, exploring history or a mixture of all three.

I’ve taken all these things into consideration into deciding what to recommend. I found that there was so much that I never knew about the country.

Here is a bit of a guide to some of the most popular things to do in Turkey this summer. If you have any of your own suggestions please feel free to let us know!

Explore the city of Istanbul

The Turkish city once called Constantinople, the Capital of the Byzantine Empire. The city was also the main centre of the Ottoman Empire. Istanbul is bursting with history and culture dating back to BC. This makes the city unique compared to a lot of cities in the region. A must visit is the Hagia Sophia. The Basilica was once a Christian Cathedral and later became an Imperial Mosque.

Bathe at Pammukale

Over 2 million visitors annually visit the remains of the Greek-Roman city of Hierapolis. The pools built into the landscape have waters as warm as 36 degrees celsius which visitors can bathe in. The place is surrounded by idyllic architecture and history from the ages.

Visit Mount Nemrut

The mountain in South East Turkey sits 7,000 ft high and has many figureheads from legend at its summit. The site according to legend is believed to be where biblical king Nimrod has been buried. Many large statues have been erected what is believed to be a royal tomb.

Relax on Patara Beach

If exploring cities or being swamped in history is not your kind of trip, Turkey offers a more laid-back approach. The country is filled with beaches and none more popular/famous than Patara Beach. The beach is believed to be the longest in the country at 11 miles. It is also yet to have faced the Mediterranean treatment of resort creation just yet. This makes it a perfect getaway.

Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia

One of the most famous places to go hot air ballooning in the world. The region of Cappadocia has ancient ruins and picturesque landscapes that are brilliant to see from the air. Ballooning is available in the city of Goreme.


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